Experiencing the feel of nature in a beautiful space can be very beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Going to the beach is a great way to stay in touch with nature and a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Days spent at the beach creates a lifetime of memories from building sand castles, swimming, boating or even just listening to the waves crash while reading a great book. But, most events require a bit of preparation, thought and even packing a bag before they happen and a day at the beach is no exception. A full day of sun, sand, water, swimsuits and fun can go from good to great if you would remember just a few important things. Proper preparation can mean the difference between having a blast in the sand and water or a great beach day easily turning into a sunburnt mess. Here are a few tips for preparing for and having the perfect, stress-free beach day.

Wear Sunscreen

t is a great feeling to have the sun touch your skin while enjoying the cool breeze made possible by the moving water however, you need to be careful and smart with it. This is perhaps the most important tip for a beach day, pool day or any day spent outside because there is not much that ruins an otherwise perfect day at the beach faster than accidentally getting sunburnt. It will not only put a damper on your well planned out beach day, but it will affect your following days as your skin heals. To avoid and prevent sunburn, wear a sunscreen and reapply every two hours while you are at the beach. If you plan to swim with the sunscreen applied, make sure to choose a water resistance type and plan to reapply after a swim. With the right sun protection factor, you can spend so many hours in the sun without having to bother with any potential skin damage.

Stay Hydrated

The sun, sand, salty sea and with all the cool breeze blowing against your skin can leave you feeling dehydrated so pack up plenty of water and/or beverages to keep you hydrated throughout your stay in the beach. You can pack up your drinks and water in a small cooler filled with ice to prevent your drinks from becoming warm. It can be so easy to forget that you need to get hydrated while your body loses essential salts and water during maybe some physical activities at the beach but you can guard against dehydration by just drinking some water or beverages at intervals to restore your body’s salt and electrolytes. Taking lots of fruits along can also be a good way to stay hydrated. Fruits like pineapples, water melon and cucumbers that have high liquid content can help you stay hydrated as well.

Make Shade

In addition to preventing sunburn, you will also want to have a shady spot on your perfect beach day. It might not seem necessary to drag a giant umbrella kit all the way to the beach, but it is worth it to have an escape from the sun. Your little shaded oasis provides the perfect place for a reading hour, a beach nap, hydration session, some fun games and a break from your hat and sunglasses, leaving you feeling more comfortable and likely to make the most of your beach day. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting or lying comfortably and taking in the surroundings with a book or music but it wouldn’t be much fun without the shades. You can consider a beach rental or a personal umbrella that clips to your beach chair.

Plan a Great Outfit

A beach day is a day to look forward to and you can get excited about all the fun in the sun by planning your next stylish beach outfit. Planning your outfit is a great way to make sure you are prepared for a day on the sand. For women, a one-piece or bikini is great and for men, you can get in the water with a pair of swim trunks that fits you and your personal style. Also plan to include a shirt or a cover-up piece you can wear on top. In addition to sunscreen that you apply to your skin, your beachwear can also provide an extra layer of sun protection. Beach shirts are great as cover-ups and they also have the ability to shield your arms, chest and back from the sun. Finish up with a pair of sandals, your favorite UV-blocking sunglasses, a hat and of course your beach towel.

Have Fun

For some, a great beach day means sitting in a lounge chair on the sand and watching the waves for hours on end and for others, they prefer to enjoy a more lively beach day experience which involves beach time mixed with a bit of exploring. Whether you are visiting the beach for the first time or you go there often consider having a beach day that involves lounging, swimming, sunbathing, a stroll and some fun games. Plan to read a great book because life can get too busy to sit down and enjoy a good book but the beach is a great opportunity to catch up on reading a book you have always wanted to read. You can make a beach playlist you can listen to while you lay and relax on the sand, you can go with a portable speaker if you would rather not wear earphones and having music that everyone can hear is a good idea if you are going in a group. Plan for having time for fun games. You can go with volley balls, footballs, fly a kite or a sand castle building competition. And don’t forget to pack up refreshments like food and/or snacks. Not to forget the pictures! Take lots of them in the beautiful serene environment the beach offers.

So much of a perfect beach day is provided by the beach itself. The natural beauty of the sand, ocean and blue sky come together to create the perfect setting for celebrating a summer day filled with sunshine so explore the fun and treat yourself to some relaxing moments in the sun.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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