From diva glamour to a dash of sassy sparkle, sequin dresses are in a class of their own and they are synonymous with everything glamour and while the holidays are traditionally the time of the year to dress up in glitter, times has changed and bling has become less fussy and more commonplace. Nothing makes a statement like a sequined dress –it is bright, eye-catching and sparkly and you will have all eyes on you in this ensemble. Whether we choose to admit it or not, sequins are always in trend and every season is all about wearing the sparkles but it might be unclear to you on how to wear them without looking like a disco ball. When it comes to picking the right level of glitz and glam for your personality and occasions, you want to ensure you create a look that is classy and polished not tacky so you get all the attention for the right reasons by selecting a flattering piece and styling it appropriately. To ensure you sparkle just right, here is all you need to know.


Wearing sequins or anything with sparkle or bling essentially involves the art of balancing. To wear sequins, you need to keep it simple by balancing the rest of the outfit with solid and opaque colors. It would be a mistake to dress head to toe in glitters. A sequin dress doesn’t necessarily mean it is covered in sparkle. There are dresses with sequin accents which are trendy and often more versatile- a pop of sequins can go a long way too because dresses that incorporate sequins through a pattern are also an excellent option. For the best impact, limit your sequins to a single color and let the statement piece do the talking. If you want a dress that is covered entirely in sequins, stick to one color only. A sequin dress will make you stand out but a patterned or multi-color sequin dress just becomes an eye sore. Always pair your busy sparkly piece with something solid and muted. For example, if you have on a sequin skirt you can pair it up with a silky ribbed tank top that you can throw on with a jean jacket on any given day. This allows the skirt to be the focal point and makes the look transition well from casual chic to a dressy outing look. Don’t get sparkle-crazy by matching sparkle with sparkle. Since a sequined piece does all the talking, the rest of your outfit should just complement it.


When wearing sequins, you are basically a walking jewelry so you can completely skip the earrings, necklaces, bracelets or any other kind of jewelry because an additional sparkle will be overpowering and make your outfit look busy. But if you do want to wear jewelry, keep it to a minimum and only add it if you feel it is necessary to create balance or to tie your look together. You need to exercise modesty and restraint when choosing accessories to coordinate with sequins. Gold earrings with a shiny golden dress may be overwhelming because shiny palettes lend instant glam but to pull it together you need to anchor it with understated accessories.  When picking out accessories keep it simple by choosing a plain gold or silver ring, chain, a few bangles or watch but never pair up everything at once.


Sequins make a big statement and you are most definitely going to be turning heads when wearing a sequin piece so, you won’t be needing a daring neckline or a dramatic silhouette on top of the sequins. Choose modest and conservative necklines to keep your look sophisticated. Choosing sequin dresses with low-cut necklines or pairing sequin bottoms with very low-cut tops can cheapen the look and take away from the chic look potential. Instead, look for a dress that has a pretty ordinary or higher neckline and hem. When it comes to the cut, just remember less is really more so keep it basic! Let the sequins do the talking not the plunging neckline or asymmetrical hem.


You might be able to get away with a little black dress that bunches up in front or hangs a little off of your backside but a sequined dress should fit like it was made for you because all eyes are going to be on you and you want to make sure your dress is doing you the favors! Find a dress that hits you in all the right places and hangs just right. Since sequins comprises of shiny disks sewn into fabric, its texture and heavy embroidery will add volume to your curves so pick the one that fits your frame. Settle for a length that fits your frame which you are comfortable in. “Long-enough” might probably mean something different from what is obtainable but just ensure it is not the shortest dress you own. The downside of sequins is that they can look showy if not worn properly. It is okay to wear a mini dress, but go for one you can sit in comfortably without pulling on your hems.


Sequin pieces drives attention so you can use a sparkling piece to direct attention where you want it. Looking great in sequins is all about balancing the outfit for example, if you have full hips you can opt for a sequined top  to take attention away from your hips or a sequined skirt or trousers if you have prominent busts to take attention away from your bust and to create a lovely symmetry. So you basically use the loud details and use them as arrows telling people where to look or where not to.


A pair of simple, solid-colored heels or flats works perfectly. When in doubt, throw on a simple black pair or colored heels or flats as long as it is in the same color family as your dress. Avoid a metallic pair because that will be a shine overload. Ditch shoes with an intricate design because they will contrast with your sequined dress. There is a time and place for eye-catching shoes but it is not when you are already rocking a flashy sequined dress and, piling on sparkle on top of sparkle is just overwhelming.


With your bold sequined dress, you don’t want to use any bright or daring colors on your face. Instead, use a neutral palette to enhance your features without looking like a Las Vegas showgirl. Stick to nude colors for your eyes and lips. Nothing pairs better with a sparkling dress than healthy, glowing skin so; add on a bit of blush and your favorite bronzer to give you a sun-kissed glow which will work well with your vibrant ensemble.

Whether you want a little glimmer to brighten your casual wardrobe or a show-stopping glitz to captivate at formals, follow these tips and thank me later. Have fun and try out something new and sparkly playing with different textures and fabrics to find the right match for you.

Do have fun in your bling and glitz adventure.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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