Weddings are basically the biggest events of our lives and we all daydream about having the perfect wedding and when it comes to weddings, there are many aspects to consider towards achieving an ideal memorable big day. Regardless of your perceptions about planning your big day, you can bring your individuality to the table to make it a unique experience for you and everyone involved. Except you are a wedding planner, weddings can be very overwhelming to plan and pull off from picking a date that works for everyone to choosing the best honeymoon destination. While you can hire a professional to help manage and plan your wedding event, there are reasons why you might opt to also take on major responsibilities. It could be you are working with a defined budget or you love the DIY possibilities which could be a lot of details but planning the wedding of your dreams on your own is completely possible.

A major tip is organization as it is key to keeping everything on track like when you are faced with deadlines, decisions and lists. However, giving yourself plenty of time for planning is a great way to start but remember to have some fun because it’s your wedding after all and you don’t have to get too caught up on the details and forget to focus on what is truly important which is celebrating the love you share and the joy of getting married while surrounded by the people you love.

The defining factor – your budget

Your wedding budget is the driving factor for your wedding decisions and they are usually about balance. Be prepared for the reality check that comes with budgeting your big day by creating a wants and needs list, décor, attire, invitations, vendors, venue and a wedding planner if you decide to use one and once you get the magic number, stick to it!

Be comfortable to step outside the box and do something different by rethinking these aspects for your big day regardless of what you may have heard and seen from others that have celebrated it before.

The venue

You would like to consider where you will love to have the perfect ceremony. Brainstorm places you would love to hold the ceremony and reception. With so many wedding venues available, choosing a perfect venue can be a lot of hard work but you do not necessarily have to wear yourself out with finding the perfect venue that ticks all your boxes. Depending on your location and the atmosphere you can opt to have your weddings in unconventional locations like your backyard or the seaside. Once you decide on a venue, aim to visit it at least three times- first for an initial viewing of the place, followed by a review of the design and layout and lastly a simple walk-through of your planned wedding day which can be a few days before your big day. A wedding is usually a once in a lifetime kind of event that gives you the opportunity to live out your wildest dreams and there are usually many options at your disposal so if you have some ideas in mind, make a list and rank them and cut down the options to the most viable ones and take a chance on it.

The entertainment

Entertainment is a vital part of your big day and hiring a band or DJ will make your wedding reception go smoothly. This usually works fine but if you want to think outside the box there could be other options to consider like getting a clown or a comedian which is a sure fire way to ensure no one forgets your wedding in a hurry. A popular trend you can use for your entertainment is displaying of videos or pictures to guests on a slideshow while they journey down memory lane together with you. And maybe a professional painter capturing special moments could be a nice touch that will convey intimacy of your special day to everyone involved.

The wedding dresses

The wedding dresses makes up the centerpiece for your look on your big day and it is also the key factor that determines your accessories that will complement your entire look. Everyone always remembers the wedding dress and suit but that doesn’t mean you cannot change the narratives with a change of dresses on your special day. A reception dress after a wedding is an amazing way to incorporate an unforgettable memory and make your day special. The reception dress or tux should be different from the wedding piece – you can opt for a short fashionable and functional piece that you can dance in with no hassles. With two options at hand, you have more chances to make an impression on your guests.

The food and refreshments

Everyone gets hungry after the wedding ceremony so a memorable part of the wedding day will be what the guests eat and this is where you can get people truly happy by providing food they will love and enjoy. There are different options to consider from buffet style to set menus and incorporating your native dishes as a tribute to your heritage. Variety they say is the spice of life so invest in multiple dishes both continental and native.

The getaway

When leaving your wedding party, the conventional way to depart is usually a car that sends you and your spouse off to the honeymoon location but there are a couple of other cool unforgettable options available. If you had your wedding near or on the sea or lake, you can depart on a boat or Jet Ski. For a wedding held in a park you can depart in a scooter or a horse as a cool addition that is fun and out of the regular which will leave a lasting memory never to be forgotten.

Finally, embrace your memorable day and embrace the limitless creativity you can put in to ensure the success of your big day. Once you make the decision to consider alternative options, you can pull off the most amazing wedding day that makes a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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