Fashion shows are master classes in showcasing what’s old and new on the fashion block. Fashion this season has bloomed and unfolded itself just like the flowers in spring presenting us with the latest accessory trends. A combination of renewed classics and striking new favorites are trending this year and there are a lot of new pieces that will elevate your wardrobe which is sure to get a fresh update and inspire you with refreshed staples. It is no wonder that accessories can elevate your style – either make it or break it and this spring season is all about self-expression showing off your personality and style. This spring has been about bringing back the classic elements but with a modern twist so you can update your closet with these trending classics.

So, after checking out the latest runway fashion and accessories this spring, here are the latest spring accessory trends spotted at spring/summer 2022 fashion weeks that will keep you intrigued and fashionable for seasons to come.

Platform high heels – Lift me up a size

If you thought the world of fashion was done with foot wears then you are mistaken. Shoes are an essential piece of clothing and the power of a footwear can never be underestimated. Like many other accessory, your shoes can either make or break your outfit because your shoes gives expression to your taste and artistic sense so what could be more alluring than a pair of chic high shoes?

The shoes here aren’t just about any kind of heels but gigantic platform heels like you just came out from the 70s. Every few years, platform shoes take the center stage and this season is no different with a modern distortion on the iconic 70s classic piece. Ranging from ankle length boots to over the knee boots and of course the platform heel version which is a huge trend sweeping the fashion scene and if you don’t own a pair, I suggest you invest in one to lift you a size or two up. Platforms are available and worn in all shapes, colors and sizes fit for anyone’s aesthetic. Remember a good pair of shoes adds to the elegance of your outfit and gives you a confident posture and for this spring, the higher the heels, the better you feel so take a dive and explore the different options that many brands have taken to a new height with their collections.

Ps: Just be careful not to fall on your nose when you take your first step.

Oversized tote bags – Big bags are still pretty oversized

Moving on to something even bigger, another trend that has made its way back as one of spring’s best accessories is the oversized tote bag. These bags have got a lot of utility and even though they may be huge, they are a perfect accessory for everyday life and a fashion piece that will save your life as it is important to become consumer conscious while looking your best. Going big these days is even more relatable after the oversized trends from last year. Who wouldn’t love a functional tote bag whose primary purpose is to help you carry everything with you at once. They are versatile, durable, convenient and reusable and it fits every occasion and mood and very useful on busy days. This piece was spotted in different colors and materials on the runway designed to pack up everything and go about our routines in style. They are a perfect accessory trend for spring and you should get your hands on one.

Double layered neck chains

As far as jewelry goes, you can never have enough of them or do anything wrong with them you just have to stay aware of the trending styles and for this spring, double-layered necklaces are the accessory trends to follow. This has become a staple for fashion lovers and it is not slacking this season so, this season, multiple chains are layered over each other to create a multidimensional chic look that makes you stand out of the crowd. Using varying lengths will create an illusion of a longer neck which is perfectly suited with a plunging neckline. Alternatively, you can add on two of the same designs to add a punk touch to your look. This is a classic piece that you will be wearing for years to come.

Pearl jewelry

This season has been all about the cream and white gems and there are indeed plenty of ways to add them to your daily outfits. You can style them in your hair or around your foot as an anklet which is the cutest way to rock this trend. You can also rock them traditionally by pairing pearl earrings with a matching necklace going with a unique shape for a modern twist. There is never a wrong time for sophisticated fashion pieces as these which has made a major comeback stronger than ever. And according to Jackie Kennedy, pearls are always appropriate.

Parisian beret

This effortlessly stylish accessory just got an upgrade this season so we can escape to Paris without leaving the country by adding a beret to our outfit. The beauty of a beret is that it is light enough to take you into spring with a bit of a twist – I am talking about the netted beret. To rock the look like a real Parisian place the beret on your head covering most of your forehead, and an inch behind your ears and pull one side down so it sits on a slant and the net covers your entire face.

Colored gloves

This is yet another trend that has made a comeback from last season but the color palette this time is more appropriate for the season. Long or short, leather or mesh – gloves are too hot to drop off and I am expecting to see this trend everywhere.

Wide waist belt – snatch up

The wide waist belt has taken a high fashion turn this season and it is a fantastic way to create an hourglass figure. You can wear this trend in many ways but to get the most out of this oversized accessory, choose black or brown to help you rock it with a wide variety of outfits all year long.

Tiny micro- bags

From oversized bags to micro bags that you can wear as a bracelet so there is really no need for bracelets just wear a tiny bag. It’s liberating to carry nothing on you except your phone, lip gloss and credit cards and if you desire a clutter free lifestyle this season, micro bags are the way to do it.

Bright colors – The brighter the better

Bright colors are in this season and accessories are no exceptions. Shoes, jewelry, bags, dresses and everything in between are looking happier than ever. With spring, bright colors are just all we need and it’s safe to say we will be rocking this trend all season long.

Chunky rings

The chunky ring of years past were all over the runway this season and now is the time to try it out and spice up your style a little further. They are available in different shapes and sizes so explore the options and get your fist full of chunky rings.

With this go-to list of spring accessory trends, remember that fashion and accessorizing is about having fun and playing with your style. What accessory trend will you be wearing this spring and which on the list was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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