Elegance is a way of life that reflects your taste in choice of clothes because your outfit visually portrays your state of mind and so a lot of thought goes into a classy look. In all honesty, you really cannot tag an outfit as elegant and strike off the others because if you know how to pull off a shimmery dress with confidence, that’s the true definition of classy!

Classy is timeless. The black knee length dress and brown colored pumps you buy today will still be wearable and functional ten years from now just like buying one good pair of pearl earrings which exceeds in value the ten pairs of trendy statement earrings that will go out of style a year after you buy them. Owning a classy and sophisticated piece means having quality pieces that are both functional and flexible. Creating classy outfits is about piecing together important elements and ensuring your style and confidence shines through.

What is classy style?

  • Classy style is an appropriate and attractive style regardless of time or event.
  • Classy styles can be used every day and not only for special occasions.
  • Classy does not mean boring on the reverse it means feminine, elegant and finding a style that is uniquely yours.
  • Classy styles are not aced by using expensive clothes. You don’t need a lot of money to dress classy.

Since dressing classy is not something that can be bought with money or mastered overnight but an attitude about yourself and how you dress we will together discuss how you can assemble your minimal and subtle pieces to create a classy look. So, let’s get started.


1. Make out your personal style

Everyone has a personal style – you just have to identify yours, understand it and live it. Your personal style showcases your mood, personality and you as a whole, painting a picture of your interests, lifestyle and inspirations. When you find your personal style, you look great and feel confident comfortable to make your style shine through regardless of the fashion type or occasion. I oftentimes hear people say they don’t have a personal style or they don’t know what theirs is and I usually recommend taking a look at your wardrobes- do a clean-up and be brutal refusing to hold on to pieces that do not match your personality. Sort out your favorite pieces- pieces you wear over and over according to the categories of bright or neutral colors, solids or patterns, flirty or conservative. Pick out the category you see your personal style fitting into from the categories. If it’s free-spirited maybe bohemian? Filled with black and white solids or navy in sleek lines, then it could be minimalistic. Also, if you constantly keep putting away a few pieces of clothing without wearing them then, you would have made an impulsive purchase or bought them on a whim and not something you would naturally select for yourself. It is essential and important to understand your personal style and wear clothes that define your personality as it will help steer you in the right direction every time you go shopping.

2. The right Fit is key

Fit says forget me not! Any styling list begins with figuring out your body type and regardless of your body type, dressing classy means buying clothes that fit properly and enhance your figure. If you have often imagined looking a certain way on a dress and you end up looking the opposite chances are you are investing in clothes that don’t match your figure. To be realistic about your choices, start by figuring out your body type and what looks good on it – its fail proof! Classy pieces are meant to be form-fitting without being too tight or body hugging.

  • For curvy women: avoid very tight clothes but wear more of belted dresses to define your curves without being over the top.
  • For plus-sized women: stick to long, full skirts and buckle belts to balance your body.
  • For petite women: stick to classic cuts and silhouettes because they make you appear leaner and taller- avoid mini-skirts and shoulder pads.

Do not hesitate to have your dresses altered to fit correctly by your local tailor and remember, wearing too tight clothes can make you look scruffy instead of sophisticated neither does a baggy dress cater to a classy look and there’s nothing flattering about them. Stick to structures, play with patterns and sway with silhouettes for a great fit which is the sum total of it all resulting to a classy look.

3. Invest in classic and timeless fabrics and pieces

Invest in classic and timeless pieces that are evergreen and quality. Clothing made of materials that will last long like cotton, wool, linen and silk as these fabrics stands the test of time if cared for properly. Own pieces like a trench coat, a black dress, leather jackets, denims, white shirts, sweaters, T-shirts etc. I am not even talking about luxury brands but good quality stuff that does not go out of style and you can match them up with current trends to keep the classic vibe intact. After all, Classic is indeed classy!

4. Never overexpose

Dressing classy requires modesty! Aim at looking polished and clean without looking too sexy or trendy. Avoid midriff-baring tops, sheer tops or miniskirts. Go for collared, boat neck, crew neck, V-neck, square neck, cowl neck, asymmetrical or halter necklines. Regardless of which, keep your cleavage and belly button covered and be sure armholes does not reveal your bra. Skirts and dresses length should be above or below your knees.

5. Choose the right colors

Ride on the neutral color palette! Go for muted pastels, neutral shades and earthy tones like white, beige, cream, navy blue, black etc. Monochromatic shades allow you to vary with other colors but still remain classy. Check out your wardrobe and if you find loud prints and colors with unnecessary cuts and layers then they might be getting in the way of your classy dressing. And you can always bank on black as they are free passes to classy dressing.

6. Wear the right hairstyle and makeup

Hair and makeup are a double-edged sword. They finish off your classy look perfectly but can also ruin it just as much effortlessly. Wear a stylish and chic hairstyle that highlights your facial features and bone structure like a sleek bun or ponytail.

Makeup makes all the difference if you are like me that don’t spend much time on makeup you can focus on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Too much color, shine or shimmer with no balance can ruin it all so watch out! These are subtle things that will make a huge difference to the completeness of your classy look.

7. Ace the accessory game without going overboard

Accessorizing is an art and wearing the right things at the right time is not as simple as it looks because the knack for adding just enough to your outfit needs prowess- it should be neither too much nor little. Simple jewelries are the best when aiming for a classy look. My recommendations are: small hoop, pearl or stud earrings, delicate bangles, tennis bracelet, wristwatches, long pendant or pearl necklaces, delicate or statement rings with thin bands, scarves and of course classy leather bags and shoes.

8. Get your nails on point

Your hands and the jewelry on them are an extension of your wardrobe and a reflection of your care for your appearance. Indulge in regular manicures and pedicures. Keep nails short to medium in length going for a round or oval shape with clear or nude polish or French manicure. If you are wearing a peep-toe or sandals, a pedicure is a MUST with a simple clear gloss or nude colors or a classic red or pink.

9. Pay attention to details

They say ‘the devil is in the details’ and women who are meticulous in their appearance make a huge impact and this level of perfection isn’t easy to attain. Think through the details of your outfit because every little detail matters. Since classy dressing is minimalistic, you cannot afford to let any details slip up the cracks. The trick to looking sophisticated is ensuring it is neat, clean and simple. Ensure the clothes are wrinkle-free and flattering with a balance of colors and patterns.

10. Embrace your inner confidence

Confidence is classy and it makes you even more attractive. Practice embracing your inner confidence which is built from a place of self-worth. You can fake it until you make it.

Classy dressing has less to do with what you wear and more to do with how you wear it keeping in mind the most important part of picking clothes according to your body type and personality. It’s all about being yourself and giving expression to your personality so have fun with it! Remember, the easiest way to nail it is always to be minimal, subtle and mellow.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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