very girl needs an arsenal stocked up with beautiful and fashionable accessories and I have always thought accessories were the expressive part of a woman’s outfit. In the world of fashion, every piece of accessory tells a story and an accessory can either make or break your look. Each piece of accessory you own tells a unique story and it is a great way to complement any of your outfit.

Fashion can be in and out of trend but there are some of the must-have fashion accessories that will always remain popular and classic. Adding accessories to your outfit is a way to bring your outfit together giving you confidence which is the best accessory there is. Owning accessories that elevate your style is a must-have and I’ll be excited to show you these classic pieces.


Sunglasses are a staple accessory that every girl should have not only for a touch of style but for UV protection on sunny days. Sunglasses are great accessories that can transform your outfit from regular to glam in no time or with extra effort. The fun part is that they are available in different trendy styles, shapes, sizes and materials. A pair of wooden glasses is fresh on the block so you can get all fashionable with it or any type and make heads turn.


A belt can be the transforming effect for any outfit. Belts are not just used to fit a piece of cloth in place but can be a great piece of accessory that enhances your overall look. They are a great way to accentuate your figure and waistline and add structure to all kinds of outfit especially over oversized tops and pants which are now the new trendy. People are now into bohemian street styles other than elegantly chic or classy styles so to compliment such looks; a belt is all you need. Picture the contrast of putting on a belt on an oversized outfit for the comfort and style; it simply just adds sophistication to a casual look. Belts come in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns available to choose from. If you want to know how a good belt can elevate your look then you simply have to know how to style it.


Handbags are essential accessories and the foundation for any outfit. For most of us, our handbags are our mobile houses because it literally contains our everyday essentials and we would be lost without them- one of the basic things we will never leave the house without. Owning and investing in a luxury handbag is a fashion tip that remains timeless and it always matches all your outfits even when other trends are changing. Bags come in sizes, shapes and types ranging from big to small, clutch or cross-body bags but whatever type you choose, it is worth investing in quality to ensure this everyday essential lasts a little longer.


An outfit isn’t complete without a piece or pieces of jewelries. Wearing even a piece of universal jewelries will add an amazing detail to any outfit because it matches everything effortlessly. It could be necklaces, simple earrings, bracelets and a collection of rings. You can play around these pieces by layering them or stacking up a mix of rings and bracelets for a chic complete look. Statement pieces are a must have as well, it is amazing what a statement earring and necklace can do to your overall appearance. These are basic pieces that cannot be substituted. They give you the opportunity to really dress up an outfit properly, drawing attention to your face and shoulders. Statement pieces are a great way to bring an outfit together and there are so many options to choose from and the perfect piece of earrings are certain to frame your face and make you stand out.

Everyday shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and watch her trample the world! Every girl should have a pair of comfortable and stylish everyday shoes. Regardless of how we would love to, it is unrealistic to wear a pair of heels everyday so an everyday flat shoe is a necessity. There are different types of flats available but never resolve that flats are boring because you can dress up a pair of flats with ease creating a chic look but definitely without a sore foot.


Scarves are versatile and timeless pieces that suit many outfits. It is a perfect accessory for brightening up boring outfits and spicing up a plain ordinary outfit. It can be used as a hair accessory to tame your hair or to brighten up your handbags and it can be worn round your neck with shirt or blazers for a put together look. So, explore the opportunity of creating lots of new looks with just one outfit.

A stylish hat

Hats are not just for sun protection but it can make a great outfit statement regardless of the season. They are a great must have accessory especially for days when your hairs feels flat or rough, they will cover up and rescue any bad hair day and pull together your outfit with an air of confidence. Try out the different styles and options available and find out the perfect fit for your look.

A wristwatch

A wrist watch is a practical and stylish accessory and tops the list of fashion must-haves. It compliments your look whilst helping you be and keep to time on the go. Wristwatches come in leather, band or metal chains. The leather can be worn for corporate events, the bracelet watches for casual outings and the chain watches for an evening occasion. While not every woman will appreciate the need for a jewelry for certain occasions, almost everyone appreciates having a wristwatch.

Putting an outfit together can be a huge task but having these fashion staple accessories, you can easily and effortlessly transform your outfit without trying too hard or constantly having to buy new clothes.
What fashion accessory is your must-have on the list and how do you shop for them? Do let me know.

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