ocks are rarely given the applaud they deserve. They are probably the most underrated piece of clothing and sadly their importance in an outfit is totally underestimated and these pieces are often relegated to our base drawers and they are one of the last pieces of clothing most of us refresh.

But, it is time to give your fashion a leg up and put your foot forward to embrace this leg piece as a vital part of your wardrobe. The ordinary exercise socks of the past has transitioned into a new world of materials and designs that can improve any outfit from a regular casual look to your next red carpet outfit. The best socks for any occasion have the power to give you a million bucks look.

Socks are very versatile as they can be worn on business or casual attires ranging from fancy dress socks to fun socks that help you express yourself. In picking out your socks, there are a variety of options to pick from with different range of fabrics like cotton, blended, wool, cashmere etc. different types like athletic, travel, compression socks etc. and different lengths like the crew socks, ankle or no show etc.

If you have never really known the different categories and options available to choose from, not to worry we will together explore the best and different options available from the popular no-show options to the colorful statement patterned pieces that will sure stand you out from the crowd.

What are socks?

A sock is a piece of clothing worn on the foot that can extend to the ankle, calf and knees. They provide warmth, prevent blisters and can support shoes and make them last longer.


No-show socks/Invisible socks

No-show socks sometimes referred to as invisible socks are categories that fit snugly with a no-slip heel grip without extending past the ankle. They are thin and offer protection from shoe bites, blisters and stink. It creates the impression of going socks-free. No-show socks are perfect for trainers, loafers, huaraches and slip-ons. So if you are looking at emphasizing your latest sneaker collection, you wouldn’t want a bulky sock to get in the way. Listen up, there’s nothing as worse as wearing a cool trainers with socks that completely ruins the look. Pairing the right socks that specifically matches your shoe type will create a complete perfectly lined up look.

Ankle socks/Quarter socks

Ankle socks or quarter socks are categories that cover feet right above the ankle till your shins. They are a great pick for the gym and they lie between the mid-calf socks and the ultra-short no-show socks. These kinds of socks are used for professional purposes by men and for feet protection by women. They provide excellent cover, protecting feet from blisters that readily occur in the back of the feet.

Mid-calf socks

This is the most common socks available in mostly everyone’s drawer. The mid-calf socks also known as crew socks are categories that cover up to the calf muscle but not over the calf length completely. They are mostly made of cotton or woolen material and are appropriate for everyday wear. They are great for outdoor activities like running, hiking. This sock provides perfect cover and protection.

Thigh high socks/ over the knee socks

Thigh high socks are the types that go above the knee and it is a great option for women when they are wearing a skirt or a dress. Using a printed pattern is a great choice if you wish to spice up your outfit. These thigh high socks were popular with the Scottish worn with their knee-length skirts.

Knee high socks

Knee high socks are types whose length covers up to the knee and they are mostly utilized by ladies worn with running shoes or boots during winter to provide warmth. These types are also widely used in hospitality business as uniform and it is great choice for physical activities.

Over the calf socks/ Executive socks

The calf length socks cover up the calf muscles and a bit below from your knees. This kind of socks is worn in sports industry by athletes to offer protection to their feet and calf. It is perfect for running and outdoor physical activities.

Low cut socks/ Ped

These are short socks that slightly fit above the top edge of your shoes usually worn with running shoes.

Ankle socks/Liner or extra low cut socks

These are types that cover your feet up to your ankle. They are worn with low cut shoes like loafers or casual shoes perfect for protecting your feet. It is also ideal for a casual occasion to offer you a sophisticated look.

Toe cover/Mute

These socks cover just the toes and mid arch of your foot. They are made to be worn inside footwear like mules, slide shoes etc. These half socks are not meant to be worn with every kind of shoes but they are a must-have for you if you hate to socks bunch. These toe covers, toe toppers or half socks simply helps to cut off the displeasure of socks bunching.

For a not so regular sophisticated look you can try on colored, patterned and designed pieces ranges like:

Statement socks

Statement socks are the hot thing now and they offer you with a splash of colors and sophisticated designs and patterns. If you want something out of the ordinary and flashier than your regulars, here’s your pick so get creative.


Afri socks are African traditional socks inspired by Ghanaian Kente patterns from the multi-colored fabrics woven in Africa and worn by royalties. These pieces are colorful with sophisticated designs that are sure to make a lasting impression. Afri-socks are made from premium fabrics that ensure durability as long as their timeless designs.

The best socks choices

The best socks are types that can be worn everyday which should be 100% cotton, cotton & polyester blend, bamboo, spandex, nylon etc.

What do socks do?

Socks not only absorb moisture but they help to prevent rubbing of your shoes on your barefoot. They provide cushioning that pads and keep feet warm. They help prevent cold feet and frostbite especially in colder months.

Choosing your socks

Choose socks that fit your foot perfectly without cramping your toes or causing a fold or wrinkle of extra material or one that causes friction. The heels and arch area of your socks should fit snugly and seams should be flat especially on the toes without rubbing or pinching your foot.

Best socks for your feet

Go for synthetic fibers as they keep feet cooler and drier than cotton. Fibers are found to be better at wicking, cooling and drying. Synthetic fibers includes: acrylic, Teflon and CoolMax

It has been said that your shoes tells a lot about your personality but a pair of socks can say a lot about you as well and it is no shocker that a pair of socks can make a great first impression.

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