here is a common and popular saying that looking good comes with a heavy and huge price tag and that fashion is pain but I think this saying directly refers to the health hazards that looking fashionable comes with. We have all at one point sacrificed our comforts on the altar of fashion. We daily cramp up our feet into heels for hours, squeeze ourselves into tight, stiff jeans and only finding some kind of relieve at the end of the day when we are back home and throw them off. But regardless, one thing that has not changed overtime is our desire to choose style and trends over comfort, depriving our bodies of the freedom they deserve and putting it in harm’s way.

It is however important to take note of your trend and style choices because regardless of how much of a fashion risk-taker you are, it is better to put your health first because it is priority and gradually let go of all those items that could impact on your health.

Below are fashion items you should take note of if you aim to be health conscious and perhaps take a breather from or let go of for good.

Tight skinny jeans

Tight, skinny jeans are like a second skin and as uncomfortable as it could be, everybody loves it. Skinny jeans are one of our wardrobes’ staple and I am pretty sure you have a pair or two. Yes they flatter and accentuate our curves and allow you show off your toned legs but they are super uncomfortable. The uncomfortable tightness of this piece has been established to hinder air circulation around the crotch region which contributes to yeast infection occurrence since tight fitting clothes traps in moisture from sweat that creates a comfortable environment for fungus to thrive. Skinny jeans also reduce blood flow to your lower body and compress nerves alongside which may lead to tingling, numbness and pains on the legs and it is a contributing factor to back and neck pain because they restrict body movement and posture. The high-waisted type which are usually too tight around the stomach and interpose digestion which may lead to tummy trouble, heart burn and gassing. In men, it can mount pressure on the testicles which could lead to urinary tract infection, bladder weakness, low sperm and even testicular torsion.

Amazingly, there are pairs with designs that are classy and still hit a balance between comfort and style. Slouchy, wide-leg types, slim fitted extra stretchy types which can still flatter your curves and provide breathing room and comfort.

High heel shoes

High heels are the true definition of fashion is pain but yet, we cannot live without them. Wearing a pair of heels mounts pressure on the ball of your feet forcing your body to satisfy and makeup for the shift of balance in an unnatural position. This causes your calves, back muscles and hips to become strained, mounting pressure on your knees and ankles. Wearing them often and for long periods can lead to lower back pain, muscle stress, cramp and pain. Since pressure is mounted on the ball of your feet when you wear heels, it can cause foot and toe cramps, bunions, hammertoes and musculoskeletal problems that can affect the entire body impacting posture and gait and altering muscles and tendons structure.

However, reducing the rate of wearing your heels is the best way to fix this. Alternatively, you can go for lower heels with platforms or block heels which distributes your weight evenly as they are equally chic and in style. Choose shoes that you won’t slip in and avoid designs that cram your feet. Also avoid wearing heels for long periods you can go with a pair of flats to change when necessary.

Ballet flats and flip flops

I really do not want to the bearer of bad news, but our favorite, comfortable ballet flats and flip flops are as bad for your health as much as your high heels. Because you are wearing flats doesn’t necessarily mean you are being kind to your feet. Ballet flats and flip flops are without sufficient arch support and wearing them for long periods can cause pain in the balls of your feet which could cause calluses and corn and also lead to knee, back and hip problem. These shoes have but a thin layer separating your feet from the ground causing a strain on your heels and because you grip onto your flip flops with your toes during wear, your other joints are strained alongside leading to pains.

When shopping for your flats, buy ones with well-padded foot bed to cushion your feet properly. Alternatively you can go for loafers or sneakers instead of flats. On the reverse, reserve flip flops for beaches and pool sides and before buying a pair be sure to bend it in half to test flexibility and if they are very flexible, ignore it as they will provide no support at all.

Oversized bags

Going around with giants handbags could be the most natural thing to do since we can fit in half of our personal stuffs in there but heavy bags puts our posture off balance leading to lower back and shoulder pain. Heavy bags distort posture and lead to asymmetrical posture in the cause of time and neck arthritis in some cases.

Weigh your bags to ensure it doesn’t exceed more than 10% of your body weight. Ensure to switch shoulders and learn to carry your bags the right way which is on bent elbows. Most importantly, hop into the mini-bag train and try to leave the house with just your essentials instead of packing the whole house into your bags.

Corset/ Shape-wears

A shape-wear is a very controversial piece of garment. It is worn for the desire of achieving a tiny waist and an hourglass figure. The desire of getting our shapes snatched up into something beautiful has swallowed up the torture inflicted by this piece. Wearing overly tight shape-wears decreases lung capacity, cause damage to internal organs and deformity of body skeleton. It also encourages perspiration which could lead to irritation and dry skin. It decreases oxygen supply causing breathlessness, lightheadedness and dizziness, causes difficulties in digestion due to abdominal compression that could cause the stomach to shift leading to abdominal pain, chances of heartburn and acid reflux. Numbness and tingling can also be greatly experienced.

Resist the urge to wear your corsets for long hours and NEVER sleep in them. When shopping for them, buy the right fit and not one that is overly tight.


am not asking that you completely eliminate these pieces from your wardrobe, I am just saying that you should weigh the impact it could have on your overall health. All in all, fashion should make you look good, feel good and comfortable.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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