Having a good and healthy skin starts with a proper and thorough cleanse. Makeup has become a part of our everyday life and we can hardly go a day without giving our faces a beat of perfection but taking off our makeup can be a bit of a hassle sometimes if not most of the time. Truth is, there is an art to makeup removal which if mastered, completely takes off every last bit of makeup from your faces. Taking off makeup every day is very important because the skin renews itself while we sleep and when you leave on makeup, skin renewal can be prevented from happening because the skin is covered up and cannot breathe. Some products when left on for too long can cause skin imperfections so, when we are tempted to just sleep on with our makeup because of the tiring removal process especially after a long exhausting day, be reminded it is wrong to leave on makeup overnight. Sometimes no matter how thoroughly you scrub and wash your face, it seems not to take off all your makeup so we are left to wonder how to remove our makeup completely.

If you would follow these simple tips you will be able to remove your makeup like a pro and in no time.

Take off eye makeup

Use an alcohol free based wipe or an oil-based makeup remover so your face does not feel dry afterwards. Start by removing your eye makeup and holding the pad or wipes against your closed eyes for about 20 seconds to allow the makeup remover dissolve the eye makeup. This will allow ease in wiping off with little rubbing preventing smudges under your eyes. Turn the pad over to use the clean sides underneath your lashes. Giving the remover time to dissolve the eye makeup prevents you from having to rub on your lids with your remover pad since the skins around the eyes are quite delicate to avoid irritation.

Removing foundation

Apply on an oil-based cleanser with your fingers and work in using circular motions. Make sure not to forget your hairline as we often leave that out. Use a wet facial sponge or cotton ball to wipe your entire face afterwards. You can use coconut or olive oil as it works just fine as well. Avoid rubbing on your face, gently sweep a cotton pad round your face to prevent tugging and pulling of skin.

Wash face with face wash

Makeup is really not all off until you wash your face. At the end of the day after all the cleaning with wipes and cleansers, your skin is coated with oil and dirt so using a face wash will remove completely all residue. If you use just wipes and cleanser without washing, you just might push in dirt into your pores resulting to pimples and blackheads. Remember, your face wash does not work as a makeup remover, it only helps cleanse your face thoroughly after ideally taking off makeup with a cleanser.

Use a toner after cleansing

Toners are used as extra cleansing step to sweep away the remains of stubborn makeup. They are meant to be used after washing your face but before applying your moisturizer. Toners prep the skin for moisturizing while getting rid of excess oil, dirt and makeup left over. If you are having trouble with residual makeup, a toner could help take out the remains. Saturate a cotton pad with a few drops of toner. Gently wipe across your face. Try toner options that are non-drying and ones formulated with pro vitamins B5 to protect against moisture loss. Also choose a toner that has rosewater which helps in hydration, chamomile for soothing, tea tree oil to fight oily skin and bacteria, aloe Vera to soothe inflammation and redness.

Remove lip color

Spread a moisturizer on your lips. You can skip bothering your head about investing in expensive moisturizers. You can use a petroleum jelly, coconut or olive oil instead. Slather on the jelly or oil on your lips and wait for about 5 minutes this will aid the oil work to dissolve your lip color. Press a cotton pad on your lips and wipe in small circular motion. Repeat the step if necessary but be careful while at it. You don’t want to chap your lips.

Exfoliate and moisturize lips

Exfoliating your pout will remove any remaining color tint or flakes from your lips. It also removes dry and dead skin on the surface of your lips leaving lips moist and plump. Moisturizing will keep your lips soft and hydrated. Exfoliate with a clean wet toothbrush and do so with gentle circular motions so as not to end up with irritated lips.

Moisturize your face

Even if you don’t have a dry skin, after makeup removal you should at least follow up with a moisturizer. A moisturizer is important afterwards. It keeps your skin hydrated, regulates oil production and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Leaving a moisturizer out of your daily makeup removal could lead to wrinkles; it could also make your wrinkle worse as dehydrated skin shows off all the lines on your face. Also amongst aggravating your acne, it could also leave you with a dull and flaky skin. A water based moisturizer formulated with aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid is best for any skin type.

Dab on eye cream

Removing makeup can dry out the eye area which is the most sensitive skin on your face so you need to keep it soft and hydrated with an eye cream. While applying don’t put on too much, just a pea size is perfect because you wouldn’t want the product creeping into your eyes and then dab and pat in using your ring finger.

Now that you are a makeup removal expert, consider using these tips as your daily removal routine and enjoy a refreshed and happy skin. Quite sleeping with your makeup on because you are too tired of the lengthy removal process but with this easy and effective tips you can get it all done without stressing.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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