howing skin is nothing new in the realm of fashion and we have been baring as much as we are comfortable with and for as long as I remember. Even the world’s famous faces and celebrities have daily endorsed showing skin both on and off red carpet events.

Plunging necklines and low cuts will never go out of fashion, they will always remain hot and in trend regardless of the times and seasons.

Plunging dresses and tops have been in trend since spring/summer 2014 and since then, these low cut pieces have shut the doors with its hot and edgy looks. Showing skin has always been dependent on comfort and what fashion today does is to give it balance hence the different styles that bare other body skin like crop tops, bare back dresses, mini-skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses etc. Deep plunging necklines have been trendy too for bridal dresses. It is sexy, glamorous and modern with a change from the regular and obtainable styles.

Plunge necklines as hot and classy as they are can be a bit artful to pull off great looks from. Is it possible to show off belly buttons, cleavages and deep necklines and still manage to look tasteful? Well, it is not as hard as it seems because with the right amount of confidence and being comfortable in your own skin and being ready to show a little skin and of course with the right tips, styling up plunge necklines will be a walk in the park.

Plunging necklines is best achieved when:

⦁ When you balance your look and not go all out on showing skin everywhere else

⦁ Hiding tans by using body makeup like bronzers to add glow to your skin

⦁ Wearing a piece of jewelry to achieve an extra edgy look. (A thin piece preferably)

⦁ Not wearing bras but if you plan to wear one, choosing one that is not visible or choosing the sexy lacy ones that look chic when exposed.


A rule of thumb is never to wear a plunging neckline pushing up your boobs to your neck and make them look like they are ready to explode; that is pretty much a fashion disaster if you ask me.

Plunging neckline is a desirable and bold style you would oftentimes love to rock if we would build confidence and have the knowledge on how to perfectly style it but you can take a plunge with these tips that will help you ace styling plunge necklines.

Tip 1 Figure out your body type

Understanding your body and figuring out your body type is a major step to styling your plunging neckline dresses. If you have an hourglass figure for instance, wearing a plunging neckline will shift focus from your hip area so, you can be bold with your plunge as much as you want to.

Know your spectators

Low necklines are bold and chic but might not be proper for every audience and occasion. Plunging dresses might be proper for red carpets and parties but would be improper for an office meeting. Choosing the right outfit for the right occasion and audience is a step to being comfortable on plunge necklines


Adding accessories to your outfits is completely transforming. It is important to add on a piece of accessory to your plunging necklines to give a more edgy finish.

Right bra choice

The utmost important thing for your plunging necklines is the right lingerie. It will be a fashion blunder for your basic bra to peek out of your outfit so it is important to pick the right kind of bra ranging between backless, strapless, lacy and strappy or you choose not to wear one at all.


Having confidence is a key to making any dress beautiful and eye catchy. It is dependent on how you carry yourself. Maintaining a straight and steady posture whilst keeping eye contact is a major guide for confidence.

What to wear underneath plunging necklines- busted!

The most common challenge with wearing plunging necklines have always been: the neckline is too low, I don’t have what to wear underneath and these kind of dresses are not made for full busted girls but please do not let the bust size or undergarment uncertainties stop you from wearing your sassy and chic outfits. There are a number of options that will either show off or cover your cleavage in a beautiful fashionable way and I present to you these different classy options:

Deep plunge bras

Deep plunge bras can stay hidden and can be concealed by your outfit. They have a deep plunge with a thin center gore and push up bras often come in this shape and are perfect for plunging necklines. Alternatively, deep front bras like the seamless U-plunge bra is a great example of an undergarment made specifically for plunge necklines.


This is a popular undergarment that works perfectly for plunging necklines. Many women choose to cover their bras or boobs with a camisole as some come with built in bra to replace an actual bra. To push past the casual style choice to something luxe and stylish, you can try a lace camisole – matching colors preferably to match up the dress giving it an even outfit appearance rather than an impression of you trying to cover up something instead of it being a desired choice.

Nipple covers

There are a large variety of options from sticky to non-adhesive. This simply covers your nipples while going braless.

High neck bra

High neck front bras have been a trend in recent times. It is a basic bra with a decorative element mostly a lacy overlay over the front of the bra. They are stylish and a perfect option for plunging necklines

Lacy bralette

They come with pretty lacy edges and wider side coverage and it is a better alternative to your basic regular bras.


A bandeau is a stretchy tube shape boob cover that goes round your boobs. It is a beautiful alternative for a camisole and great to cover your plunging neckline if it is a little too low for your comfort.

Strappy bra

These cool strappy pieces are prevalent right now. They are just really cool fancy straps across the bra bodice that is sophisticated and chic.


You can try on a body chain and showcase some skin and cleavage. To avoid shifts, you can keep the body chain in place with a fashion or flash tape.

t’s time to bring out those plunging neckline dresses from your wardrobe and take a plunge.

I hope these tips will help you rock your low neck bold and chic dresses with all the confidence in the world. Let me know which undergarment you prefer to wear your plunging necklines with or if you prefer going braless like the most of us. Thank you for your time.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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