ur feet is what carries our bodies everyday yet, we pack them into heeled and uncomfortable shoes and seldom give them enough attention. If your feet fall behind, so do you. People unable to move about suffer physical, psychological and social afflictions. Yes! Your feet are that important and giving them the same support as they provide you, is key to a healthy, happy feet. Be a good friend to your feet and keep it healthy and happy by avoiding:

Wearing tight shoes

Sharing shoes

Sharing pedicure utensils

Hiding discolored nails with polish instead of letting them breathe and treating the underlying issue

Shaving calluses etc.

Fit and healthy legs and feet are vital to living a life that is free of pain, pressure and stress so, what more can you do for a proper care of your legs and feet?


The perfect shoes will prevent swollen or itchy feet, ankles and back pain. With the right footwear on, you can avoid discomforts that are unhealthy for your feet. Remember, you don’t want legs that look good, but legs that feel good. Your comfort and well-being could be made or marred by your choice of shoes. Try on shoes (both feet) and walk in them a little before owning them. Alternatively, you can fit your shoes to your largest foot before you make a pick. Ensure you do not experience any rubbing or slipping while walking in them, always get the best fit for your feet. Select shoes that match the shape of your feet, rather than just picking out trendy collections. Pick shoes that fit in the ball of your foot comfortably in the widest part of it. Invest in shoes that adequately support your arches. Since your feet support your bodies, they too need support. Select shoes that have enough depth to avoid your toes rubbing on the top of your shoes. Always ensure you have about half an inch width between your toe and the front of your shoes.

For ladies, pick heels carefully, find a shoe with broad heels preferably. Go for safety, balance and comfort to avoid slips that could cause sprains and fractures. Wear your heels like they are worth a million box! I mean, wear them sparingly; they are designed for style and looks and not for comfort. As much as possible, choose shoes with perforated or open designs to let in air to your feet, especially if you have sweaty feet.


Proper feet hygiene is very important. Taking daily baths; paying attention to scrubbing your feet intentionally and with care drying them properly as well as the skin in between your toes. Frequently wash and change stockings and socks. Carry out daily checks on leg and feet for cuts, bruises or infections etc. Change shoes daily and air them out when not in use. Avoid going barefoot as much as you can, wear a slipper while at home. Make it a habit to repair loose and tears on shoes and recycle or toss out when appropriate.


Creating and maintaining a feet care routine is very important as it keeps you on course for your feet health and puts you in check. If your work or daily activities involves moving around, standing or sitting for long hours, incorporate elevating your feet at the end of every day. Regularly elevating your legs decreases swelling and reduce foot pain. Be sure to lift your feet above your heart. Treat your legs and feet to a massage often to improve blood circulation and to relax your muscles. The work of the vein is to get blood back to the heart so, when you walk or move your legs, your calf muscle pumps blood out of your legs so, sitting for long periods hinders healthy blood flow. Plan to get up and walk around multiple times during those long sitting periods, stand up at intervals as well.

Pamper your feet to a once in a week soak to help relieve tension in your muscles. There are a lot of feet soaks you can try out.


Your legs carry your whole body so; an extra weight means your legs have more work to do. Overweight people develop issues with their legs including excess swelling, cramps and joint pains, fatigue etc. Consciously watch your weight by eating healthy and staying fit and active. A healthy diet is a step to keeping a healthy weight. Ditch the fad meals you enjoy but you know are unhealthy. Trade out processed food and junks for whole foods, proteins, vegetables and fruits. Also, being active throughout the day helps your body burn calories and stay fit. Drinking lots of water daily also helps your body burn calories.


Your bones and muscles get stronger when you work out, especially weight-bearing exercises such as weight lifting, tennis, walking and dancing etc. These help to build bones and protect your balance and coordination. Take a 30 minutes’ walk daily, stretch your legs at intervals throughout the day; you can exercise your feet by rolling a ball under them. You can go for a swim or take a run or hike with the correct run shoes. You can also take a yoga class. The point is to simply move your body to stay fit.


Avoid smoking, which hinders effective blood circulation to the skin lower limbs and interferes with healing.

Don’t use harsh soaps on your skin; use mild or moisturizing soap, and always apply a moisturizing cream or oil after washing to help hydrate the skin.

Don’t ignore pain, especially when it is prolonged; take a break to exercise, rest, massage or elevate your legs and feet as necessary to prevent the development of any problems later.

Be mindful of what you put on your feet! I trust this tips will come in handy in your journey of keeping healthy feet and legs. Remember, our feet carry us and we ought to start making conscious effort to care for it as it ought to.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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