Iremember when slip dresses were worn under other dresses- they were made to be functional pieces that

helps other dresses fit on properly, cover up sheer garments and for creating smoother looks and finish. They were not designed to be fashionable pieces. Slips were also considered to be lingerie worn behind closed doors but now fashion and style has evolved and women are bold and comfortable to put out their lingerie on display. As fashion and style gradually evolved, experimenting with various pieces made it clear that slips could be perfect as an outfit. More of an undergarment as an outfit evolution and celebrities were seen wearing slip dresses both for hang outs and for red carpet events and this has paved way for slip dresses to prevail as wardrobe staples that has come to limelight.

Fast forward to this year’s spring season and slip dresses have made a major comeback. The 90s trend have returned and have become trendy with celebrity continuous approval. But, slip dresses are not exclusively spring and summer outfits they can be matched and paired to be perfect for in-between weathers. Slip dresses come in different styles- mostly the same having straps and cut to fit the body. They also come in different fabrics of chiffon or silk with multiple colors, prints and cuts.

The versatility of slip dresses are amazing and can match with any kind of footwear, jackets and can be styled up to fit any occasion.

Here are a few style inspirations on how to mix and match it all up to land the cool chic and classy look.

Layer on other pieces

Slip dresses have proven to be an ideal piece for layering over jackets and shirts. There are actually a lot of ways to wear slip dresses and a lot of things you can do with a piece between the seasons of winter and summer. The way to go is to layer a lot in different ways. In winter seasons, you can explore piling on layers on your slips. Explore knitted jackets, tailored blazers, hooded sweatshirts, or classy overcoats on top of your slips you can also try wearing long-sleeved tops and tights underneath your slips. Slip dresses worn alone or with jackets can look and feel a bit formal but you can achieve a more casual look by wearing your short-sleeved graphic tees underneath.

To transition from winter to spring, you can swap the heavy pieces of layering fabrics for lighter knits, denims, flannels, and leather jackets and for underneath layers, you can go for t-shirts or band tees.

Add up some contrast

Since slip dresses are soft feminine pieces, you can add contrast to your look by incorporating elements with tough and strong qualities to match up the softness of the dress. Elements like boots, oversized blazers or a scarf for a balanced and interesting look. Contrasting can also be achieved by combining accessories. You can pair on a choker or chain to round out your entire look.

The athleisure gear

A slip dress is a perfect piece to achieve the athleisure look. With our busy lives and schedules giving up on being fashionable is not an option so creating a fashionable and functional piece of outfit that is both chic and wearable is key. If you plan to hit the gym or go exercising right after a hangout your slips have got you covered to achieving a multipurpose outfit. There is really no need to fuss about changing outfits as one outfit can do it all. Start up with your slips and add on a cozy hoodie, puffer coat, a pair of sneakers or boots for a chic and cool look.

Make it office-appropriate

For a trendy workplace appropriate look, you can pair up your slips with a tailored blazer and boots. With the boots giving your look an edgy vibe and your blazers keeping you looking professional and polished.


Slip dresses are dress up pieces for events with a dressy feel since they are made up of shinny satin or silk fabrics. You can enhance the looks with accessories by layering on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and a classy pair of heels.

Belt it up

Slip dresses can sometimes be a little straight lined but you can accentuate your waist line by adding a belt for emphasis. Apart from your regular kind of belts, you can choose belts that will have its tail hang loose and pulled towards the front side of your hips for a sassy look.

Go the 90s vibes

Slip dresses becoming a stand-alone outfit was born and experimented in the 90s. The form fitting and sexy styles designed by Calvin Klein, Versace and John Galliano were popular back in the days and were often made with fabrics of silk, satin and chiffon. To pay tribute to the times when slips were originated you can create a grungy edgy look by pairing a pastel slip with leather jackets and a pair of black tights and heels or Moto boots for the 90s signature look.

Switch heels for sneakers

Sneakers and dresses are a classy chic pair that I adore a great deal. Apart from being comfortable, it is an easy-breezy idea of dressing fresh and oozing the model on break kind of vibes. For this style inspiration with slips, go for slips with slits to allow comfortable movement in the dress without getting all clingy on your thighs and hips. The slit is also a great way of adding a feminine feel to the outfit balancing out the masculine effect of the sneakers.

There is really no blueprint for styling your slips. You can own your style by making it match your personal

aesthetic and fit your comfort. You can either go casual on it or dress it all up, the possibilities are enormous and the style has even so now become ageless and non-restrictive. There is no denying that the major comeback of slips is a trend that has come to stay and I hope the styling inspirations and applaud this piece is getting on a daily will inspire you to try on a nice piece someday soon styling it up to suit your style preferences.

Thank you.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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