It is a new year and for most people, it is time for a reset. People usually make resolutions to change something about themselves or the way they do things. Interestingly, your body does something similar periodically. Most of your body cells are replaced regularly; how much time it takes your body to completely replace all the cells depend on the type of cells. Overtime, this process of replacement slows down leading to the observable symptoms of aging. However, the body was designed to repair and refresh itself and as your body’s custodian, you have the responsibility to help the process.

Your apartment may not be the only thing that requires a glam this New Year. Paying attention to your body and health is even more important and there is no better time than now to renew your youthful glow. In this article, we will explore a few things you can do to help your body regenerate and renew itself.


Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being. Around 60% of the body is made up of water and the human blood is 90% water. There is really no universal agreed quantity of water consumption daily as everyone is encouraged to drink as much water as they can take daily. To function properly, all the cells and organs of the body need water. Water lubricates the joints, creates saliva and mucus, it delivers oxygen throughout the body, boost skin health and beauty, regulates body temperature, aids digestion, flushes body waste; maintain blood pressure and helps in weight loss etc.

Ever wondered what your body will be like if it doesn’t get enough water to achieve all of these?
Try drinking more water than you do sodas and your body will thank you for it.


This process of regeneration and repair is most active when you sleep. Your body gets rid of toxins and repairs damage that may have occurred during the day while asleep. Getting a good sleep is extremely important and it is just as important as eating a balanced diet and exercising. Most adults require between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. It is essential you prioritize and protect your sleep on a daily. Sleep helps you maintain or lose weight, improves concentration and productivity, maximizes athletic performance, strengthens the heart, support healthy immune system etc.

Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night for a healthy and renewed body.


Your body requires fuel and materials to rebuild and repair itself, which is why you need to eat regularly. There are different classes of nutrients the body requires to function and they are all important. You know the saying “you are what you eat”, this means the body reflects whatever you feed it with or put into it. Your health suffers when you eat poorly and it excels when you eat well. A balanced diet meal provides important vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body healthy and strong and beautiful. A balanced diet provides the body with proper amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and liquids. It is important not to eliminate any essential nutrients but to infuse them in proper portions. A balanced meal controls body weight, support strong immune system, increase energy, slow the effect of aging, improve mental health and focus etc.


In some way, the human body is like an automobile that requires fueling, oiling and daily use to avoid rusting and degenerating. The health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Exercise and physical activities are great ways to feel good, boost health whilst having fun. There are different kinds of exercises ranging from moderate aerobic exercise which includes; brisk walking, biking, swimming and vigorous aerobic exercise which includes running, dancing etc. there are also strength training exercise. Exercising controls weight, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, improves appetite, help you get rid of toxin faster and generally leave you feeling lighter and younger.


Intoxicants and stimulants like alcohol and drugs speeds up aging and must be avoided in this journey of renewing youthfulness. Alcohol is a great social part of life and can be hard to turn down especially during a night out with friends or one of those days we feel like we need Dutch courage. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and inflammatory to the body. It hastens aging and can dilate skin pores resulting to black and white heads. Overall, it leaves the skin wrinkled, dry and saggy.


This is a powerful tool to feel calm and revitalize the body. Meditation helps you stay in touch with your inner self. It is the technique of training your attention and awareness to achieve a mentally calm and stable state. It is also engaging in a mental exercise such as concentration on breathing or repetition of a mantra for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. This is a way to relieve stress at a mental level and help with a healthy mind which translates to a beautiful body of youthfulness and glow.


You could drink all the green juices and tea and even eat all of the super foods in the world but if you don’t take the time to love and pamper yourself then none of it will matter. Showing your body love and gratitude daily is essential to a happy and healthy life. No matter what it is, I dare you to do at least one thing every day that is for you and you alone. It could be a spa appointment, a makeup session, a shopping spree, a vacation etc.

I strongly believe you will find these tips useful. Kindly leave a comment below and let me know how this played out for you and if you have any thoughts you would like to share in this direction, kindly do so in the comment section.

Thank you for your time.

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