here is nothing as adventurous as a road trip. Road trips are a wonderful way of exploring new places either as a family, in a solo trip or as a couple. It is a great way to relax after a long, stressful and demanding week at work or other routines.

Hitting long miles on road trips has a lot to do with getting prepared and having a plan and here is how to:

Plan out your destination

Planning a road trip just like any other travel arrangement requires determining and picking out your destination. Planning your destination will help you outline your itinerary like deciding on where to go, what you would love to see and how long you would love to spend both at each beautiful location during the trip and overall time the whole trip will take which could be dependent on who you will take the trip with if it is not a solo trip. This helps put you in check to avoid driving long hours or driving late into the night. The number of miles you are willing to explore is as important as how long you wish to spend at each must-see sights else, you might end up spending your entire trip at the first stop and end up rushing through later. I am not saying draw out an hourly plan, I’m just saying have an idea of where you want to go, what you want to see and how long each of the sight-seeing stops will take. After all, most of the best memories we enjoy are usually from unplanned bits in our itinerary. But, with a plan, you are sure to have a fulfilling fun trip.

Buy maps

Pack up a paper map! Yes, you heard me. We can still get out maps and locations from our smart phones but, relying on zooming in and out of our phones can be tiring and also, putting into consideration the cell service unavailability at some location can render your phone ineffective. A paper map on the other hand, gives you a reassuring perspective allowing you to decide and make changes in routes easily. You can look out the main destinations you desire to visit and link them up together to determine the best route to take on the map. A paper map is your route backup plan and you will be grateful it came in handy when your cell phones couldn’t.

Draw up a travel budget

Creating a travel budget and calculating your travel cost is important before getting on the road if you want to stay on a budget. Draw up a budget for gas, meals, snacks, lodging, drinks etc. and if you are not travelling alone, you can discuss with your partner about the kind of food they love, the kind of lodging they will prefer and how much they can afford.

Plan ahead for accommodations

Making plans ahead for your accommodation is both safe and cost effective. You can plan out the areas you would love to place your reservations keeping it close to where you plan to take a stop. Your pick for accommodation can be dependent on your driving hours comfort ability and that of your partner. Another factor can be a desire to stay in areas that can provide safety and comfort. Plan to arrive your accommodation facility early enough if you are not good at driving at night and also to catch up with dinner so you can join in for the meals and safely get off the road in time.

Prep up your vehicle

Before heading out for your trip as you would for any other trip, it is important to run a thorough check on your vehicle. You can book a service appointment prior to your trip to ensure your tires, oil, fluids, air filters, wipers are in great shape. Also ensure your vehicle’s lights and blinkers are in great condition. Be sure to be up to date with your driver’s license, registration documents and insurance cards. Stock up on emergency items like a spare tire, jumper cables, extra oil, water, jack, flashlights, reflective triangles etc. And if you will be using a rented vehicle ensure it is in great shape with all the necessary documentation and supplies required.

Join a road assistance club

Being a member of a road assistance club comes in very handy, no one loves to be stranded or be at a crossroads. Issues likely to be encountered could range from locking up your keys in the car, a dead car battery or car malfunction etc. but being a member of a road assistance club can save you the stress and money all you have to do is to put a call across to get the help you need.

Keep a spare of key essentials

A spare of almost everything is very important and can come in handy at any point. A spare phone and charger, a spare key or a spare tire etc. just be sure to have a spare stored up somewhere safe just in case you never can tell when you might have need of it.

Pack up snacks

You can pack a cooler of drinks and water and a bunch of healthy snacks and fruits. Snacking will reduce cost and reduce time spent on stops. Also, it is a great idea to keep your mouths busy during your trip with something light and refreshing. Remember your refillable bottle which is a great essential.

Pack smart a personal bag

Pack light and go for just essentials in a small bag or duffle. You can pack up your pajamas, toiletries and a change of clothes or two we don’t want to pack up the whole house.

Have cash on you

Yes, credit cards are great but having cash on you is paramount. Make sure to have a bit of cash on you before hitting the road.

Take driving breaks

Plan to take a break from driving at intervals. As you stop to use the restroom or fill up on gas, walk around a bit and stretch this helps with blood circulation and keeps the sleep away.

Start early

Plan to start out early to maybe beat traffic or to arrive at your destination on time before dark.

Prepare to have fun

Remember, the essence of the trip is to have fun and enjoy, exploring beautiful sceneries, learn new things, enjoy the adventure and make memories so make the most of it.

With these tips I am sure you will have a fun filled road trip next time you plan to go on one.

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