Fragrance layering or scent mixing is the process of mixing two or more scents to achieve a unique scent. No one wants their scent on someone else! Wearing more than one perfume may sound a bit of doing too much but it is a great way to create your bespoke and signature scent without spending much contracting a perfumer. Perfume cocktailing is simply mixing different perfumes on top of each other to create a whole new scent. Fragrance layering is an opportunity for the perfume wearer to be creative and do the job of a perfumer. This can be a retailing strategy or a way for the perfume wearer to mix up a unique scent without randomly picking up specific scents to help increase the durability of the fragrance.

Why you should layer fragrance

The concepts of fragrance layering originated from the Middle East where layering of fragrances was fabulously flavored for unique scents. Bespoke scents builds up your personality giving you the opportunity to build up your scents and perfectly blending them to suit your mood. So layering your fragrance gives you the chance to custom blend your signature scent to suit your personality or mood. Layering fragrance gives a depth of intensity to your fragrance helping your scent linger longer. But a rule of thumb to help your fragrance linger is to apply on hydrated skin. A hydrated skin is one that is moisturized and hydrated with moisture. The molecules of the fragrance cling to the moisture on the skin increasing the lasting ability of the scent. So if fragrance does not linger on your skin despite the layers of fragrance, it could probably be as a result of a lack of moisture on your skin during application alongside the quality and quantity of pure oil base which is why scents lingers and smells in a different way on wearers with oily or dry skin since the fragrances mingle together with your skin warmth and natural oils to progress from the top notes to revealing the middle notes and to the base note.

How to layer perfume

Layering fragrances does not necessarily require spraying on different perfumes on each other it can simply be applying on your scented body lotion after a shower. It can also be spraying on different scents on different spots exploring different mix and being bold to experiment and try on new combinations. A rule of thumb is to layer heavy scents first before the milder scents so that they don’t overpower their fragrances. There are a couple of ways to layer but the easiest way is to mix a moderately uncomplicated fragrance with a base note or musky scent and adding something more complex on or layering a single note scent on an existing fragrance.

The more the layers, the greater the fragrance lingers and the greater the intensity. Below are guidelines for layering but there are no rules so be open to experimenting.

⦁ Choose complementary or linear scents which you love

⦁ Start up with your base layer by having a bath with a scented body wash

⦁ Hydrate your skin with a moisturizing body lotion to lock in and preserve your scent

⦁ When layering on multiple scents, start with the strongest scent as the base and the lighter scent on top to avoid overpowering the mild or subtle notes.

⦁ Apply noticeable fragrant scents on back of your knees, ends of your hair or the creases of your elbow.

What scents can be layered together

Understanding the different layers in fragrances will help you know how best to combine your scents and keeping notes in mind when layering is very important. Notes in perfumery are indicators of scents that can be perceived during perfume application and there are classified into 3: the top notes are fragrances that are immediately sensed upon application and also the first to fade off since they are the lightest of all 3 notes, it is usually zesty and short lived and good at creating an unforgettable first impression like citrus, lavender etc., the middle note is the center of the fragrance that is warmer and subtle which forms the melody of the scents examples are rose, jasmine etc. and lastly, the base note is the enhancer that stays on for hours even after the top note diminishes examples are vanilla, musk cedar wood and sandalwood etc. and together these notes work together to create an unforgettable blend of scents.

If you do not want to cause a “what smell is that?” moments when you pass by, then you would want to avoid layering scents that are heady together since they can be overwhelming when layered together. Layering on two complex perfumes together which sure have the likelihood of sharing some components will be jarring and oversaturating.

Layering a maximum of three scents is recommended to allow the scent of each unique perfume shine through. Experimenting and trying on different fragrances like ones with a common note or two or more opposite fragrances is a fun way to be adventurous with layering while exploring the art of giving your emotions a voice through your scent.

Where to layer your fragrances

As earlier stated, layering fragrances does not necessarily mean spraying on perfumes on each other. You may decide to layer on different spots. Layering perfume over lotion is a great way to achieve lasting scents since well moisturized skin diffuses fragrances effectively and adds an extra element to your scent. A scented lotion is great element to build up scent intensity when perfume is applied on afterwards.

The best places to apply perfumes be it in layers or alone are:

⦁ Behind your ears

⦁ Inside your wrists but avoid rubbing together your wrist as this distorts the scent and dispersing of the notes

⦁ Cleavage

⦁ Elbow creases

⦁ Behind your knees

You can spritz the ends of your hair too for long lasting effect of the fragrance throughout the day.

Let us know how you love to layer your fragrances and be sure to explore and experiment with different notes and fragrances as you let your unique scent voice your emotions and feelings.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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