Developing a high sense of style can be an effortless journey for some people but however; personal style

sense can be consciously and deliberately improved on based on your unique style and preference. Developing a sense of style is like any other skill that can be learned and improved on with practice and not an ability that you are born with. So, it’s ok if you feel like a newbie on the fashion lane where everyone seem to have fashion skillsets and abilities but the real deal is, they have been practicing long enough to master the craft of fashion and style. If you have no experience at all in the style arena, all you need do is to practice! Your aim at this stage is to be observant and acquire understanding about outfits and how they pair up and knowing the kind of style you are drawn to. Once you feel confident about pairing up outfits and are conscious of the kinds of style you are drawn to and why, then you can sort out and revamp your wardrobe and define your unique personal style.
Here are a few tips to put you on your way to improving your personal sense of style.

Look out and find your style vibe

The first step to improving your sense of style and teaching your eyes is to observe how other people are doing it. Ranging from the types of pieces they wear, the colors they mix and how they pair up accessories etc. Use your everyday environment and check out what people are wearing and build on putting looks together. Figure out what look catches your attention and what style vibe you are drawn to or connect most with. Fashion magazines or blogs are also incredible sources to seeing what is worn and what is in trend and helps you construct what works about an outfit based on your preference. As you observe what people are wearing, also pay attention to outfits you find appealing and the ones that do not appeal to you. Understand why you like or are drawn to an outfit and why you don’t like some. There are usually clothing details that may make you vibe to or not approve of an outfit but regardless, it is your job to point out why you love it or hate it. For an outfit you love, figure out what makes it great and why you love it. This is how you train your fashion eyes by observing how others pair up outfits and understanding the things and style that resonates with you and the ones that don’t. As you pay attention to the WHY, you begin to notice and create your style pattern preferences. Thinking about style this way is a step towards improving your personal style.

Imitate styles you like

If you come across an outfit you really love, it’s a good way to improve your style sense by copying it. Trying out the outfits you resonate with improves your style consciousness as you try on and see what works for you. Copying others can be a creative and helpful way to developing your style because it provides you with a blueprint you can use as a start off. Knowing where to start from can be pretty overwhelming especially if you are trying to improve on your style but picking out one outfit that appeals to you and imitating is a great way to start. Then, you can access what to improve on and add to the overall look then you correct and repeat. Imitating outfits helps you pay attention to details, determining cuts and fits, silhouette and vibe of an outfit. It also gives you the opportunity to experiment on your individual style preference. Outfits are not subject to copyright so, if you love a copied look, then you have found for yourself a favorite piece you will love to wear often and if you don’t love it on you after trying it out, you most likely have learnt about your style in the process by figuring out what you didn’t like about the look after imitating and you can then think of ways to make it better and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Develop your sense of style by getting out of your comfort zone

Developing your sense of style is not about holding unto fashion rules but it is having the capacity to tell what clothes works together and rocking outfits that expresses your personality. However, defining your personal style and building a wardrobe around your preferences could sound tasking especially if you are still new to styling but the only way you can confidently say this is my style is by opening yourself to experimenting to find out and build on your style. Actively find out new styles and patterns that are outside of what you would normally prefer. A helpful way is to set challenges for yourself by shopping and trying on pieces you love on other people but are unsure you can be comfortable enough to pull off the look yourself. It could be a little frightening to step out of your comfort zone but it is okay to be different and noticed.

Startup with pieces you already have

Truth is, we have so much stuff in our wardrobe we can style up with and even if we don’t completely adore the state of our wardrobe, we can work with the pieces we love from them. An easy way to upgrade and clean out your wardrobe is to start off with the dresses you already have. First, you can think of why you prefer some pieces over others and wear them more often. Think of colors, fit, patterns etc. once you have sorted through, you will have a list of your styles and a guide during your next shopping. You can also check out style inspiration for your most worn pieces. Sorting out and wearing pieces from your wardrobe helps you ascertain if that item should be tossed out to better improve your personal style and tastes.

Figure out your body shape and embrace it

Your body is your fashion’s accessory and you are your piece of art. Understanding how to dress your shape enhances your creativity and highlights your fashion style and exposes you to unlimited options. Understanding your body shape doesn’t entail finding faults in your body or trying to look like someone else but it is learning your proportions, understanding your figures and a step to making smart purchases. Learn to embrace your body, working with and loving what you’ve got. If you know what works for your body, you will understand how to flatter it all in the quest to improving your fashion style.

We are not always born fashion savvy but we can learn, research and practice to be better. Learn to take

action towards your desired goals and results. Thank you and let me know how these tips worked for you.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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