In recent times, the fashion world has had a strong resurface of the classy and chic opera gloves.

The timeless fashion accessory has been spotted on red carpets everywhere and even in recent star studded events proving the fashion accessory trend to be pervasive and generally embraced than ever before.

Gloves have been tied to royalty since 1300B.C. but as seasons come and go, the public have adopted and embraced the piece of accessory to portray class and to stay warm in colder temperatures. Eventually, gloves have evolved into an accessory that speaks of modesty and respect and as dresses sleeves got shorter, gloves got longer to immortalize any and every woman’s gentility. With gloves coming in different fabrics and fine materials emblazoned with classy and flashy finishing of gold and beadings, fashion lovers and lovers of class would most often wear them to operas.

But, many vintage pieces have been called back to life and trending with a renewed interest in archival fashion accessories. The elbow staple has been reimagined with a modern twist with some pieces created to pay tribute to predecessor’s styles and others taking on a more casual and not so regular look confirming style transition.

Opera gloves have become a fashion must have as a result of celebrity endorsement and approval on red carpets and runway. From music stars to social media stars have all expressed their love for gloves and its comeback have covered the hands and arms of Hollywood stars in the past months and has given designers the push of remaking and reinterpreting the classic piece of accessory once associated with royalty in new ways.

Opera gloves give glamour to an outfit

This piece of accessory highlights the desire of dressing up without restrictions and getting out of your comfort dress spot. They give glamour to any outfit and elevate their look giving a finished look with little effort no matter the occasion. A decorated glove can perfectly replace necklaces and earrings and it is a great way of enhancing a casual look with a pop of color to make you stand out. They can be worn on any kind of dressing in different context and style definitions to accentuate silhouette so, it could be paired with a dinner gown or a mini skirt but remember it is just an accessory and can be tossed off if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Opera gloves with everyday outfit

Heading back to work after the time off has made dressing up every morning quite exciting. You can spice up your work clothes with an opera gloves. Yes you can! You can include vibrant styles like pairing it up with a sleeveless maxi dress or adding it to a simple skirt and tees with jacket. You will be amazed at how everything in your wardrobe works well with the gloves. As we strive for sustainability, an everyday glove can serve you every other day all year round. So you can consider breathability, style and durability to ensure it works for both warm and chilly seasons.

The opera gloves rules

The gloves as we all know are a formal and semi-formal piece of fashion accessory that covers the hands, mid-arm and beyond. Considering the idea behind this piece being an accessory typical for celebrations and events, it is usually made from premium fabrics like silk, cotton, velvet, leather etc.

There are rules for wearing gloves just like there are rules for a couple of other things. Let’s say gloves etiquette tips. This might sound restrictive but not to worry, the opera gloves are fun pieces and will remain that way.

Where can these pieces be worn to?

Traditionally, opera gloves are reserved for classy evening events like formal parties and cocktails, balls and so on. However, you can wear your piece to anywhere you please and for any occasion as this accessory is being modernized and made trendy so there have been lots of changes to its wearability. So, you see why I told you to rest easy?

Let’s talk styles

Opera gloves come in different styles and colors and the length and size are important factors as well. A rule of thumb is to ensure your gloves are made to fit your arm to avoid oversized and an awkward finish. For the length, the measurement should take from the thumb seam to the mid upper arm measuring about 16 inches. Opera gloves are typically paired with sleeveless dresses, so the shorter the sleeves, the longer the gloves. In choosing a glove, quality is key to give you the opportunity to explore the different styling with textural contrasts. The possibilities are endless and remember, it is totally allowable to wear your rings and bracelets over your gloves.


When in a meeting and greeting friends, your gloves should be left on but must be removed when dining or taking a smoke or even drinking just to avoid spills and ruins. Once gloves are removed, fold them in half and place them on the napkin on your laps and there are some other pairs that can be unbuttoned and sleeves of the gloves left on the arm. Clever right?

Caring for your gloves

How do you ensure your favorite pair of opera gloves are preserved after wear? Opera gloves are better hand washed and aired to dry. This is the safest way to avoid tears and ruins but if splitting occurs, you can mend by fixing with a few stitches by turning inside out. However, for a major tear, it could give you the opportunity to customize your piece by embellishing.

To take off your gloves, always pull from the finger tips and gently slide down and reverse the action to wear them right back with ease.

The accessories that was once a class identifier is now a classy and chic way to add glamour to your look

so, step up your looks and add up a pair of gloves to your next outing piece.
Thank you.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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