Finding dresses that flatter your figure can be a hassle but the best way to save yourself from all the stress is understanding why certain dresses look great on you because if you don’t, it can be pretty hard to keep finding dresses that fits perfectly. The easy way out is in knowing your body type. So, how do you find clothes that flatter your specific body type? The key is to know your proportions and then use fashion to flatter your best features. Once you know your body type and know how to dress it, it will be an amazing walk in the park to build a wardrobe you love and enjoy wearing.

Identifying your body type

The best way to know your body type is by taking measurements of your shoulder, bust, waist and hips. The variances among these numbers will reveal the shape of your body frame.


Wrap a measuring tape around your shoulders at the broadest point above your shoulder blades and read your shoulder measurement from that point.


Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and hold it snugly, ensure it is not too tight compressing the chest and you can take the measurement with your bra on if you typically wear one.


Take measurement of the narrowest part of your waist which is usually above your belly button.


Wrap the measurement tape around the fullest part of your hips which is below your hip bones, around your hips and butt.

Now that you know your measurements, you can ascertain your body type. There are majorly 5 different body shapes and they include: apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangle. Knowing this will help you pick out the best dresses that suit your body type.

Dressing the apple body type

The apple body shape consists of a larger upper body than lower body with no defined waistline. To dress successfully the apple body type, you need to take attention away from your midriff and wear clothes that accentuate other body parts.

⦁ Keep details on the top and lower third of your body by wearing shirts, blouses or dresses with slight V-necks- nothing fancy or too much.

⦁ Draw attention away from your waist, shoulders and arms by wearing long sleeves shirts or blouses, and draw attention to your bust and neck by wearing more of V-neck dresses.

⦁ Choose flared pants over straight leg or skinny pants. This helps balance out the wide shoulders and heavy upper body. Also wear your bottoms below your hipbone to draw attention away from your midriff.

⦁ Avoid dresses and belts that pinches at your waist. Since you are missing that waist definition, two tight pieces on top and bottom will feel off-balanced and top heavy.

Dressing the pear body type

The pear body type consists of a wider lower half and a narrower top-half. This means you probably have wider hips and thighs and a narrow top-half. The trick to dressing this body type is to wear anything that adds to your bust and shoulders. Keeping attention to your upper body and minimizing the attention to your lower half.

⦁ Balance your top with your bottom by wearing tops that accentuates and broadens your shoulders

⦁ Avoid pants that narrow your legs instead wear straight-leg or slightly flared pants with heels.

⦁ Wear padded bras that enhances your bust

Dressing the hourglass body type

The hourglass body type consists of an equal size in hips, shoulders and a well-defined waist. With this body type, you should accentuate your waist as it is the slimmest part of your body avoiding anything that is boxy or baggy, avoid clothes that overwhelm your shape and embrace your admirable curves.

⦁ Wear snug clothes that pinch at the midsection and accessories around your thinnest part to accentuate your curves and direct attention there. This balances your top and bottom while accentuating your waist line.

⦁ Hourglass shapes usually come with a more busty figure so, embrace a boat neck or scoop neck dresses to minimize your chest.

⦁ Go for pants with angled pockets instead of inseam pockets or pocket less pants as they do not tug across your hips which can create unflattering lines.

⦁ You can show off your legs by wearing mini-skirts and dresses.

Dressing the inverted triangle body type

The inverted triangle body type consists of a broader shoulder than hips without a lot of definition between your waist and hips.

⦁ Avoid dresses that draw attention to your top half. Necklines like boat-neck, Bardot, halter neck tops and large patterns on your top half should be avoided. Instead opt for items that accentuates your bottom half like an A-line skirt or a wide leg trousers.

⦁ Boyfriend jeans are a great choice and work great with this body type.

Dressing the rectangle body type

The rectangle body type consists of a long thin body with no curves. Your aim here is to wear clothes that flatter your thin profile and creates curves that move up and down from your waist area.

⦁ Create an illusion with a belt around your waist, mid-waisted trousers and belted jackets are a great way to achieve this as well.

⦁ Go for dresses with lots of embellishments at the bust area to make your bust look bigger.

⦁ Wear miniskirts to make the most of your great legs.

⦁ Leverage on shape-wears and shaping undergarments to balance out your angular features without much effort.

However, to dress better, whilst your body shape is an important factor, there are individual style tips that work for each and everybody’s shape so overall proportions are also very important. Once you master your proportions and evolve your style, you will be able to ascertain your unique vertical body type which is the proportion of your leg length or lower half of your body in comparison to your trunk or torso. Knowing your proportions alongside your body type will help you find the most flattering looks for you.

Remember, these are just basic guidelines to assist you in finding flattering pieces and not a hard and fast rule. As you learn to understand your body type, you can expand your own wardrobe for beautiful fitted outfits.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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