Accessorizing with jewelries is a most amazing way to give expression to and reflect your style and soul

The right choice of jewelry completes and balances out an outfit but, the beautiful effect of wearing jewelry to compliment your style and class of fashion can be un-enjoyable when your beautiful collections mess up your skin with rash, blisters and redness when they are worn or come in contact with your skin. Not every type of jewelry was made for everyone considering that some people have sensitive skin and can be allergic to some make of jewelries but however that does not imply that all jewelries are unusable. So, instead of letting go of those beautiful pieces you would really love to wear as an expression of your style, it is important to ascertain what make of jewelry triggers your allergies and avoid wearing ones made with that metal because styling with comfort should be your priority.

High cost of fine jewelry a contributing factor

The high cost of fine jewelry has been a contributing factor to a larger part of the population going for cheaper jewelries including individuals that battles metal allergies and sensitivities therefore, it becomes a game of chance to search for an affordable and skin-safe jewelry. Identifying ways to ensure you can still wear your affordable jewelry comfortably without allergies becomes paramount. One way to achieve this is by creating a safe shield between your skin and the jewelry to curb the risk of an allergy. This can be done by applying at most three coats of clear nail polish on your jewelries. The coat on the jewelry works in stopping the interaction of your skin with body fluids like sweat and your jewelry which usually causes irritation when rubbed on together. This is usually a temporal fix which you will have to repeat coating after some wear. Besides the nail polish coat, you could also create a blockage by rubbing on Vaseline or coconut oil before wear. Other things you can do when wearing earrings is to wear ear cuffs to prevent discomfort and aches from earring screws and clips.

How to know which material you are sensitive to

Sensitive skin is the type of skin that is susceptible to inflammation. Nickel is the major metal source that causes skin irritation and as such, it is not appropriate for sensitive skin. Most costume jewelries are made from Nickel which is cost effective, durable and affordable and a lot of people tend to go for the costume jewelries. To find out what material your skin is allergic to, you can take a prick test.

When unsure, use metal testing kits

A metal test kit contains a set of solution that can be applied on jewelries to ascertain jewelry purity and the metals it consist of. To carry out the test, drop the test kit solution on a cotton ball and apply unto any part of your jewelry. Observe the change of color on the cotton ball which is an alert for reaction to the presence of certain metals. This comes in handy when you are uncertain of your jewelry’s alloys.


Avoid pieces with Nickel

Nickel is cost effective and so it is commonly used to produce affordable jewelries. A nickel allergy is characterized by a scaly patch on skin after the use of jewelries made from them. When nickel comes in contact with liquid, its remnants is salt which permits eroding. So when we sweat, the area the jewelry touches on our skin is affected leaving the skin itchy and irritated. Tightly fitted jewelries tend to hold in moisture thereby resulting to an even quicker skin irritation.

Invest in hypoallergenic jewelries

Quality always prevails over quantity. Investing in fine jewelry is rather cost effective than acquiring a lot of cheap ones; amassing quantity just to possess a lot more than buying that one piece that will stay

long term. Fine jewelries consist of a higher amount of purity which means the alloys are made up of fewer metal elements. Metals like platinum, gold and sterling are likely not to result to skin allergies.

Go for plated jewelries

Plated jewelries are a special way to achieve a fine looking piece of jewelry for little pay. It is also a beautiful way to protect your skin from allergies. So you can either have your jewelries plated or invest in plated ones. This is usually a temporal fix as the plates can fade off with use but you can get your plated pieces re-plated regularly.

Be careful with leather jewelries

Leather jewelries are in fashion but they are doubtful too when it comes to being allergic free. Leather tanning process involves metals so there is a possibility of the interaction of metal residue with skin so leather jewelries can be a turn off as well for sensitive skin.

Pay attention to hooks and claps

It is very important to pay attention to every tiny detail. Most time we are caught up with just ascertaining the quality of the jewelry itself that we forget to access the basics. At times clasps and hooks can be made from low quality metal to save cost so be sure to check that the clasps and hooks are made from quality metals as well to save you the troubles.

Take a halt

Expressing your style may be loudly voiced by the use of jewelries but your skin deserves a break if you have sensitive skin or in the midst of an outbreak. Remember, no jewelry or fashionable look is worth your discomfort.

Take care of your jewelry and skin

Body jewelries for dermal piercings are very delicate pieces because they contact directly with your body for long periods. Invest in ones marked surgical or nickel free to avoid risking your health. Routinely clean your jewelries because not only your skin needs cleansing. Jewelries amass residues from soap, lotions and traps dirt as well. Whilst you clean up your skin weather during a bath or cleaning out a piercing, weekly soak up your jewelries in a cleaning solution and use a toothbrush to scrub clean. Pay attention to your choice of cleanser if you have a sensitive skin.


inally, you should invest more in fine jewelries if you have a sensitive skin but if that is not an option that

is affordable, explore the different tips to maintain those beautiful jewelries you love and to influence your future buying choices.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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