t can be a bit of a hassle to pamper yourself the way you deserve, maintain your good looks and keep up with your work schedules and career life. Everybody is always in a hurry these days but, wouldn’t you love if there were some kind of magic wand to help you walk through your busy mornings and tired evenings? I think we all crave for this, but that might pass for a wishful thinking. Most mornings can be a scare with the unending things to get done once you’re up from bed and you often always run out of time to get dressed and get to work on time.

But we are done with rushing off to work bare-faced with a dull, uncared for skin and rough hair tied up in a knot. With these beauty hacks, you will be banging and looking radiant in little or no time, helping you overcome the morning rush and helping you prep up in a jiffy.

Get rid of those Puffy eyes

You may have woken up with puffy eyes due to not getting a good sleep or pulling off an all-nighter. The puffiness is due to swellings of the eye muscles and you wouldn’t want to be at work looking all swollen so, here’s a little trick that will relieve the swollen muscles and reduce the puffiness in no time and have you all ready for the day in a jiffy.

⦁ Place a cold spoon over closed eyes for 5 minutes. The metal’s coolness will provide relief to the swollen muscles and reduce the puffiness.

⦁ Rub on some good old ice cubes over your face and under eyes. The ice awakens your skin and aids blood circulation to your face, reducing the puffiness and giving your face a glowing look.

⦁ Apply on a thin layer of nude liner on your tear-line to make your eyes pop and hide off the puffiness or you can draw on your concealer in an inverted pyramid shape underneath your eyes to hide up the puffiness.

Alternatively, you can reduce the eye puffiness by placing cucumbers but if you’re having your morning rush, placing a spoon, an ice bag or trying on one of the makeup hacks would be more convenient.

BB and CC creams to the rescue

The beauty balm (BB) and color correcting (CC) creams are a must have and yes! They are completely worth the hype. These lifesavers are a full packaged formula containing foundation, sunscreen, primer, moisturizer and anti-ageing ingredients. When you are running late and out of time, you can skip the entire primer, foundation and concealer routine and apply on these beauty creams and you are ready to slay at no time spent achieving an even up skin tone, covered blemish and spots and a face that is without makeup but yet dewy and well put together.

So, if you don’t have as little as 15 minutes to touch up your face as you would love to, you can simply apply on a BB or CC cream, brighten your eyes with some kohl and wet your lips with some lip balm and you are makeup ready for the day.

Mascara two in one fix

If during the cause of the morning rush and you cannot find your eye pencil or eye-shadow or maybe it just dawn on you that you didn’t replace them, your mascara can become your knight in shining armor. Using a thin brush you can take mascara from the wand and apply like eyeliner on your upper eyelid. If you are looking at bagging an impeccable cat eye look, you can do so without wasting time and getting it right by pulling out your credit card and running the liner alongside to line perfectly. Another option if you are running late is to look up and apply your liner just above the upper lash line. This makes your eyes look bigger and gives your lashes a fuller look. This will help you look beautiful without applying on too much makeup.

You can also make your lashes look fluffy and fuller by applying a layer of mascara and go over your lashes with a loose powder and layer on again some mascara.

Fix and dry up your nails in no time

If it is absolutely necessary to polish your nails during your morning rush, you don’t have to skip it if you know this.

Apply on some Vaseline on the edges of your nails before coating them to avoid a messed up manicure and wipe off the stray marks afterwards without ruining your nails. After coating your nails, you don’t have to wait on them to dry off. Use your hair dryer and blow dry or simply dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water to hasten the drying.

If the reverse is the case and you are trying to take off your nail polish and you cannot find or have ran out of your polish remover, you can spray on your deodorant over your nails and wipe off with a cotton ball.

Your t-shirts can come in handy with your hair

Are you panicking over an early morning hair wash? If you are, you can save yourself time and keep your curls in place by wrapping up your hair with an old cotton t-shirt. This soaks up all the excess water in no time, reducing frizz and retaining curls and hair moisture so you can get ready right on time with this hack. You can brush in a little eye shadow on your hair parting to make your hair look fuller.

Create your lip shade

To achieve a lip color you don’t have, apply some gloss on your lips and rub in some eye shadow of the required shade and voila! Your custom made lip color is served.

Stay scented all day

To hold in your perfume on your skin all day and smell beautifully all day long, apply Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying on your perfumes.

Use rosewater

Rosewater is a soothing toner and cleanser. It is also great at setting makeups so you can spray on your rosewater to set your makeup and prevent it from running. Also, during your busy days when you look all tired and worn out, spray on some rosewater to give your face some dewy freshness.

hese tips will help you surf through your busy mornings. I hope they were helpful and please do share your thoughts in the comment section.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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