The corona virus pandemic and the restrictions that accompanied it; the lock downs and masking has taught us the importance of enjoying outdoors and the fun in getting into fresh air. Whether it is your daily exercising outside or taking a walk, there is plenty of reasons why the air outside is good for your health.

Air is the most essential element needed to sustain life and it is one of the simple pleasures that many take for granted. The strength of the body is to a great degree dependent upon the amount of pure, fresh air that it receives. Research has shown that cells begin to die within 4 minutes if they don’t receive oxygen. Regardless of the seasons, it is still very important to spend time outdoors because of the benefits.

What is it about fresh air exactly that makes us feel so great? You’ll find out in a moment.

Stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air does more than just the feeling of goodness and fun of having air caress your skin, there’s a whole lot of physical and mental benefits of taking advantage of nature’s pleasure.

Here are reasons you should spend more time outside and suck in more fresh air.


Enclosed indoor spaces, especially ones with poor ventilation usually have a mix of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Fresh air contains more oxygen that causes the blood vessels in the lungs to expand, improving cleansing and repair of tissues, while making exchange of gases and removal of impurities. So, just by being exposed to fresh air, you can rid your body of toxins. It’s that easy!


Intake of fresh air improves the brain, sharpens the mind and improves concentration. A great intake of fresh air amounts to better circulation of oxygen to your brain this results in greater brain function, improves concentration, learning and retention and keeps you energized and alert.


Lack of oxygen makes your heart work harder to circulate the one available and ensure it goes round the body but as you take in fresh air, you introduce oxygen into your body, giving the heart a chance to relax from all the hard work since there is now enough supply of oxygen, it will take less effort to deliver what the body needs. This slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Also, to improve blood pressure, stay away from polluted environments. Avoid busy traffics as much as you can as the air around congested areas is polluted and unhealthy.


Taking a walk after meals come in highly recommended. Stepping outside helps your body relax and easy to send signals to our brains for digestion. Vital blood flow is supplied to the stomach and intestines which let the body properly absorb and digest food. So next time, instead of grabbing lunch and eating it at your work desk, take a 15 minutes break to eat out because eating at work and working alongside diverts blood supply from the digestive system to your brain meaning it takes longer for your meal to digest. The most effective way to digest your food is when you are relaxed and away from work.


Replacing and renewing damaged cells and tissues in the body is a demanding process. Every cell in the body requires oxygen, so replacing damaged cells or renewing them increases your body’s demand for oxygen. The body requires more oxygen when it needs to carry out any healing and replacements. Oxygen therapy has been proven to hasten the recovery time for athletes after intense activity or exercise. A daily dose of fresh air is advisable as oxygen helps our white blood cells to work properly. This is very important to fight off germs and bacteria. Fresh air will not only make you feel good but it will help you heal faster when you need to.


The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen your lungs is exposed to which in turns promote the production of serotonin (the happy hormone) which lets you feel happy and less agitated. Serotonin can lighten your mood and promotes a feeling of happiness and being more relaxed. All it takes is just a few breaths of fresh air.

In today’s society, the natural freshness of air is destroyed by tobacco smoke, re-circulating air in buildings, exhausts, city smog and many other pollutants. Lack of fresh air can result to lack of oxygen to the brain which could result to fatigue, drowsiness, depression, dullness of mind and irritability.

Remember back in school in our science classes? We were taught that plants take in carbon dioxide and breaths out oxygen – producing oxygen which humans breaths in. therefore, quality fresh air can be found in abundance around natural outdoor environments like the woods, seashores and beaches. Take advantage of the garden in your home and suck in all the oxygen the trees produce if you can.

Spending time outdoors should not be a task for you, rather it should be seen as a necessary privilege of pleasure that should be enjoyed. Take advantage of the natural freshness of air supply in the outdoor environment by creating routines that can help you spend more time outdoors. Come up with daily routines of playing with the kids outdoors, growing and tending to your garden, taking walks and runs, having an outdoor hangout with family and friends. Resort to taking walks on roads rather than on the treadmill, open the windows for cross ventilation instead of using air conditioners, go for a swim in a pool rather than soaking in your Jacuzzi etc.

Fresh air produces a healthy mind, clean lungs and quickens recovery time and overall health. If you find yourself feeling stressed, tired or even bloated step outside and take a breather. Take the time to freely breathe in the revitalizing fresh air created by nature for your benefit and your body and mind will thank you.

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