Selecting the perfect work jewelry can be a challenging task. Desiring to add style and glamour to your cooperate look and not going over the top at the same time becomes hard work. Office jewelry is supposed to be minimal and comfortable but it could be depended on your work environment. There’s a rule of thumb that says to limit your jewelry pieces to not more than 3 pieces including bracelet/watch, necklaces, earrings and rings. Knowing the appropriate jewelry for work and the ones better left for a party can be difficult since we always want to use our favorite pieces regardless of the occasion but a good golden rule for your professional office jewelry should be subtle – simple and classy without overshadowing your outfit or distracting you from work, purposeful – classy, simple designs and colors for a professional look, appropriate – selecting a jewelry to match your workplace dressing code and type of work environment and minimalistic – refusing to go overboard with multiple pieces since less is more when dealing with office jewelries. How do you go about creating a great jewelry collection for work? Here is how.


Noisy jewelries

Tinkling earrings, clinking bracelets are a no-no for work. If the jewelries you wear to work are noisy when you work or walk then it is not ideal for a professional environment.

Avoid the bling

Avoid the bling pieces. Accessories that are too flashy are often times not a good fit for a work environment. Instead of flashy with the bling, go for quality.

Less is more

Too much is always not advisable as just a piece of an appropriate work jewelry can do all the magic and it is usually just enough. Staying simple and comfortable is key while keeping your accessories minimal and void of multiple colors and multiple pieces.

Don’t be afraid to express your personality

Be bold to let your personality shine through your choice of jewelry. Your personality can be given a voice and your inner self exhibited with fashion and your sense of style.

Statement pieces

Consider limiting your jewelry selection to one statement piece instead of piling and heaping on multiple bold pieces.


Know your work environment

It is important to understand and put into consideration your workplace and environment. The type of job you do and the office dress code is a great determining factor to the kind of jewelry that will match your work environment. Subtle jewelries are great for a conservative work environment while bold ones are appreciated and acceptable in an artistic field. Knowing your environment is a great opportunity to express your style.

Reduce the number of earrings

Too many earrings can make you pass off as being teenage, makes you distracting to colleagues and it can give your outfit a disorganized look as well. An office jewelry piece is meant to be classy and color simple resulting to a purposeful look rather than a fun look. Jewelry for offices should be subtle; simple and classy not overshadowing your outfit or distracting from work. So, no more than three earrings per ear will be just fine.

Layer on necklaces with care

Because there is a lot more ways to layer on necklaces does not mean you should do same for work every day or time. Layering is perfect for the weekends and Saturday nights. But if you must layer, ensure it is not longer than two inches. You can try to layer multiple pieces of slim neckpieces to add to your ensemble without overloading with too much bling. Slim neckpieces are a perfect choice because they do not compete with your outfit and are still visible when paired. Too long layered pieces are often distracting and you would not want to be too self-conscious during your entire day at work. A multi-chain necklace is fine as well if you wear just it and ensure it doesn’t have a busy pattern or too many colors to avoid it competing with your outfit.

Avoid large statement rings

Avoid oversized statement rings that draw attention away from you. Avoid glitzy bling or flashy patterned ones. Keep your rings same color as your outfit if you must choose a statement piece, you can wear them on alternating fingers to make it seen but not overpowering.

Don’t overwhelm with accessories

Extremely flashy jewelry is void of professionalism as it is more glitz than business like and can make you look like you are dressed up for a party other than for work. The essence of wearing jewelry to work is to style up your looks. You would not want to get people thinking you are more caught up with dressing to impress than in getting the job done. So tone down on the bold accessories and store up the flashy pieces for special occasions.

Go for jewelry that doesn’t dangle

When picking jewelry for work, go for pieces that are not too large or noisy, bulky or jangly. Apart from looking unprofessional, they can get in the way of your work and make you uncomfortable. For instance, large dangling earrings can hit you around the neck every time you move or turn.

Avoid wearing costume jewelry for work

Costume jewelries are fun and stylish; but it is never an office-appropriate piece. It puts you off as trying too hard to be fashion-forward.

Maintain a color palette

Create a well-coordinated look by sticking to an even color palette. Choose complementary colors and avoid color clashing and try not to be too matchy. Avoid very bright colors and go for pieces with light pastel tones. Choose clear pieces instead of colored ones and go for mostly silver or gold with a hint of color.

You can consider incorporating

⦁ Diamond or crystal stud earrings
⦁ Pendant necklaces
⦁ Gold hoop earrings
⦁ Pearl bracelet and necklaces and earrings
⦁ Minimal stackable rings
⦁ Wrist watches
⦁ Long thin chain necklaces
⦁ Brooches etc.

Finally, when in doubt, leave it out. If you are unsure if a piece is work appropriate, leave it out. Remember, the key to an office appropriate jewelry is keeping it simple and classic; complementing your looks and not trying to steal the show. Less is always more and simple well-coordinated pieces are best.

Thank you for your time

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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