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Charles Levin, Hollywood Actor Found Dead!

Charles Levin was born on Mach 12 1949 in Chicago Illinois USA as Charles Hebert Levin according to IMDB.

He is a Hollywood actor known for his famous roles on movies such as Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979), The Golden Child (1986) and other notable movies with his name.

Clarles Levin is blessed with two sons Ben and Jesse with Catherine De Hetre and a graduate of Yale and a former Harvard professor of drama.

On July 8, 2019 Charles Levin was reported to Police as missing by his son and all search effort made by the authorities proved abortive until July 12, 2019 his vehicle was found with no where to find Clarles Levin.

But on July 14, his remains were found nearby said “IMDB”. Grants Pass department was quoted as having hope that the remains is that of Charles Levin.

Police said the medical examiner will make a final identification of the remains.

Charles Levin

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