How you dress makes a great impact on how people perceive and address you. It is highly important and advantageous to dress classy as it has great benefits to you when it comes to getting a job, making first impressions, boosting your self-image, standing out and feeling confident. Shopping for a functional, affordable clothing and even sophisticated styles to take good care of yourself.

It’s important to note that anyone can wear classy outfits and look great without breaking the bank unlike popular thoughts and believe that one needs be rich to afford to dress and look classy. Irrespective of being male or female following and adhering to our fashion styles trends will always make it possible for everyone at whatever budget to afford to buy, dress and look classy, trendy, sophisticated and beautiful.

Without taking much time, let us dive into various possible ways to access quality, classy and in most instances trending fashion to stand out outstanding.

Ways to Dress Outstanding on a Budget – Look Gorgeous with High Styles.


Before we point out other negative challenges and influences preventing us from being the best we are greatest to be and do to stand out very stylish always, first let’s deal with the major culprit in all of us which is “our mind”, Our Mind is constantly a battle field and this is not limited to other areas of our lives, Oh Yes with our ability to make an informed decision that would enable us desire good lifestyle, make effort to stick to all that is required to commit to good lifestyle and ultimately excel in those goals as slated for ourselves. So, let us start with what we termed as the limiting ‘MENTAL CHALLENGES WITHIN’.

Your Self Esteem is Important to Stylish Dressing Code: 

Research has proven that almost 100% of men and women who dress classy with good carriage of themselves has great esteem of themselves. That is why you can still find some rich folks with lots of money or wealth and yet they dress poorly. Likewise, there are some men or women who barely afford their basic needs and yet they dress classy and command greater respects than their peers.

Your Self Believe Matters is Important to Classy Dressing: 

Believe it is a pre-requisite for you to dress and look good at all times, irrespective of where you are or what you are doing. In any case no man or woman has ever stepped outside their homes ‘NAKED’ (meaning without wearing clothes), you still have to wear something. At least we all agree that you will wear clothes before coming out so what we ought to agree here is to take a second look at where we are going, in other to dress in accordance to the occasion, the gathering or the event we are heading to and this is exactly what creates that vacuum between unwanted stare and classy looking appreciative stare. 

Consider Perception of yourself By People: 

Remember each time you appear, people look at you, irrespective of the fact you know them or not and they makes their perception of whom and what you represent first by your looks ever before they listen to you. In some instances, people’s attention towards you is rated based on what perception they created mentally about you. 

Review Your Closet Before You Go Shopping: 

Before you step out to buy on a budget or on a lavish spending, first review your closet and make note of what you currently have, check designs verses colors. In many cases all of us have gone to shopping and buy something and come home to realize either we have it before or we have same colors or same design in a different color and only to end up keeping it or have to drive back to return, so important to check your closet first. 

Make a Written Note of what Clothes You need – Not what Clothes you Want: 

when you’re on a budget you simply want to make sure you stay focused and buy only all you need, not what you want because almost all of us wants everything good, isn’t it. But when you make a note of what blouse or pants or suit or shoes you need, detail it to what designs and colors to suit that special occasion and or functions, that way it would help you big-time to stay on course. 

Classy Looks Verses Cost of the Cost of the Clothes: 

This is where the foundation of this article rests, how I wish I can have the privilege of meeting you in person to drive this point much deeper but follow us on this site always and have access to various ways to dress classy and stand out without breaking your savings. You do not need to be rich to be able to dress classy, you only need to have vital required information at your disposal such as what to wear for what occasion, how to combine them and where to buy them if you already do not have them in your wardrobe. Let’s move on and dive into the mood of being a classy dresser. 

Importance of Handbags & Wearing a High Heel Shoes for Classy Looks: 

For ladies – to look classy and stylish always wear heels even when you wore basic clothes like nice straight jean and a T-shirt and you wore heels, just as the heels says; it immediately elevates your style and makes you a classy babe (irrespective of your age). Also, it elevates whatever clothes you have on and raises its cost value.

Still On Ladies Handbags:

And a handbag can also make your clothing and accessories look quite expensive even if it does not cost much, make sure you never over-load the bag with women-items. Most times you see woman carrying their handbag as if they have a brick or stones on it (handbags are meant to be carried with ease, is not a tool box) and you can see them slanting their posture as a result of the weight of the bag. This is wrong and does not make you classy or a lady once your handbags is overloaded.

Note Before:

(Look out for our next upcoming write up about Handbag wearing sizes and content measurement, we are here to make sure you excel in style by ‘fire by force’).

Perfect Clothes Fighting is Key:

Your Clothes Fitting Is Everything in Fashion Style: 

Both men and women should understand the secret reality of classy fashion style which is about fitting; when you shop for clothes make sure you buy clothes that fit you perfectly well and fitting you does not mean the clothes should look over-sized on you. In fact, whatever you wear from T-shirt, pants, jeans, suits and skirts must not have more than 1.5 inches if it’s a non-stretch material and only 1 inch if it is a stretch material.

The Golden Measurement Rule:

This is a golden rule for measuring the right perfect fitting sizes. Have you wondered why celebrities only buy custom-made designs and in most cases they had to wait for months for an outfit to be ready and very pricy too, that is simply because of getting their perfect fit in all their body parts and having it tailored to their style as well. So fitting is everything please. Fitting also applies to shoes, do not over-sized shoes and do not buy tight shoes else you will walk like a ‘broken record’ – comfortability is key in all wearables.

Over-all Hygiene Speaks Louder

Your Overall Hair Hygiene Creates a Bigger Difference in Fashion Style: 

Let me break down the components of hair hygiene – Ladies ensure you consider the skull shape of your head in other to determine the style of hair to make not because you saw someone or a friend or relative who did it and look gorgeous and run off for it, am sorry you may not get the same result because of skull shape, if you may mistake of carrying a wrong hair style you run the risk of looking over-aged or otherwise.

I would want to congratulate all women in general when it comes to keeping their ‘departmental assets-hair’ (pubic and armpit hair) trimmed or clean shaved. Men please trim or cut your hair in accordance to the shape of your head-skull and keep it clean and nourished, trim your beads steadily and keep it well maintained, and trim or completely shave off your arm-pit hairs and down below too.

Men’s Hygeine is a Must for Stylish Appearance and Well Being.

Men please apply lotion and toiletries always, if you can, test your skin and know what is best for your skin and don’t allow your skin to dry, keep it nourished, a nourished skin and hands makes you feel and look confident while you may be a lawyer working with papers every day but if you cook your skin and hands dry then your handshake would feel like you work in the mines breaking stones.

A clean armpit and down-below is free from odor while a bushy one is sweaty and creates unforgiving untold odor to your woman, not forgetting the artistic marks on your shirts and most cases smells. Let’s do justice to our women, they are working harder in all ramification to keep themselves clean, classy and beautiful for us to appreciate and in most legal circumstances enjoy as wives and girlfriends, men please try to reciprocate their gestures too by keeping yourself clean, a well refreshed and on a good wheel of aroma.

Men’s Chest/Arm is a Substitute for Women’s Pillow

Do you know the best pillow for any women is the chest of their men, they enjoy sliding their head right on your big arms and once their head is their certainly their nose and mouth is open to accept both oxygen, odors and down-below machinery, they may not complain but it does not mean they like it untidy, please let’s all do justice to our women, at all times we are all (ONLY) privileged to have them in our lives. And in some case even your fellow men when you sweat no one would appreciate sharing a seat for long with you.

On Make-Up

The Right Make-up Can Break or Uplift your Look in Perfect Styles: 

Whenever I talk about makeup most times people immediately think about women alone, no this is wrong – in fashion makeup covers both women and men. But before I digest makeup of men let me first remind you that every man and woman you see on television had makeup applied on them before the shoot, this is also true with men in stylish fashion, celebrities and wealthy businessmen too. And for the ladies ensure you have the right makeup for the right occasion and you surely will stand out. You simply do not have to spend lots of money on makeups to look great both men and women. .

While on Make-Ups: 

Ladies and gentlemen please ensure you trim your nails (hands and foot), ladies ensure you wear a universal nail polish color which will most likely match all your dressings for the duration of that polish.

Fashion Accessories

Match and Coordinate your Fashion Accessories with Style: 

A fine matching of your belt, to clothes, shoes and handbags will go a great way in creating the fabulous classy look that will stand you out as a classy and expensive dresser. Be careful when combining your accessories with jewelry, especially long neckless jewelries for women, depend on what occasion and the design of your shirt or top, the tiny and shorter neckless is better or rather go without neckless but with a stud ear rings which always goes for most occasions both formal and informal.

And for the men do all you can to avoid neckless and shiny bangles, this is not classy styling instead it portrays you as a (mob, Gangs or DD) something am sure you do not want to be associated with unless you truly fall under that category.

By King Aguguo

King Aguguo is a local and international model, actor, and entrepreneur, lives in Maryland USA. He is passionate about fashion and it's accessories and therefore launched FASHIONTRENDSNEWS.ORG as a platform to inform, advise, and interact with his fans and the general public in making an informed decision with their fashion statement.

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